Chef Belemo's happy egusi soup recipe

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Okay, first things first, I left a link to a song at the bottom of the page. Just play that song in the background while you read this post to give it an extra kick. Okay, song playing? Alright, let's go.


I've been in a super positive mood all day and I decided to inject this positivity into everything I do. So, I decided to whip up my special happy egusi soup and eat it with akpu. I ran down to the market, got the ingredients I needed and even found periwinkle that I told @rem-steem about.

Ingredients for Soup


  • Egusi(melon seed)
  • meat
  • salt
  • pepper
  • stockfish
  • pumpkin leaf
  • periwinkle
  • palm oil
  • crayfish

Step 1

The first step is to wash your hand because you just got back from the market and handled dirty money...not the kind Justin Sun stole from Steem users, no I mean the fact that money exchanges hands all day. After washing your hands, wash everything you got at the market because you're not a dirty pig like(insert your best friends name).

Step 2


Throw in the already washed beef into a pot with some pepper, salt and a little seasoning. I like it when my meat is so tender, a baby without teeth can chew it, so I put it on low heat and steam it for like 20 minutes. While the meat is on fire, squeeze one sachet of tomato paste, a little water, then sprinkle salt and pepper and then mix until it is uniform. You should get something like this

Step 3

For this post, let's assume you can only use one stove in your fancy gas because I only have the camp gas. Now, you take off the meat from the fire and put some palm oil into a fresh pot and fry a little bit. Now add onion and the mashed mixture of egusi, tomato paste and spices and stir in the hot oil for like 5 minutes or some shit. Just make sure it doesn't stick to the pot.

Step 4

Remember the meat you steamed earlier? yeah, pour it and then the periwinkle straight into the fried egusi paste thingy. Let it cook for like 5 minutes, then add the pumpkin leaf finally b vegetables don't need that much heat or at least that's what my mum told me.

Bon Appetite

Enjoy your egusi soup with Akpu. Akpu is that white stuff that looks like a poorly done boob job in the image above. You eat it by dipping the akpu into the soup and swallowing, although some weirdos actually just pour the soup on the akpu instead. You can eat it with your hands or with a fork; hand feels more natural. So there you have it, you've made egusi soup but don't forget you were supposed to add some happiness into the meal

Ingredients for Happiness

Happiness is a key ingredient in this meal so you have to ensure you add as much of it as you can. I'm talking copious amounts of it, with a sprinkle of love and alcohol.


This looks good. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

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Those boobs look well done tbh

Your soup looks finger licking good.. Hope you make some when I visit

Of course baby. Did you see the song I put at the end of the post. Only cool kids Sabi am

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Feeling super positive. 😁😁

Chef Belemo 😄.... Sounds interesting

... got back from the market and handled dirty money...not the kind Justin Sun stole from Steem users

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