My newbie guide: Important things you need for your journey on hive

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For the past one week I have been on boarding new users on #hive and I must say it has been fun nd challenging too. In my ten days of promoting hive I have discovered most of them are confused on what to do and in turn this causes them to lose motivation and then they stop all of a sudden. This post addresses some of the questions I get when talking to a new user. In this post I will be writing on what newbies need to start their journey on #hive (more like a basic starter kit). This is for the sole purpose of educating newbies.

Apart from the fact that you need a phone that is connected to the internet, there are other things you need to have in your kit for you to have a smooth journey on hive.

1. Hive dapp

This is what makes you create or consume content on the hive blockchain. You can use,peakd, leofinance or ecency. Ecency(formerly esteem) is a phone app that helps you access the blockchain so you can create and consume content . All other platform mentioned above are all web apps. You can access them using your browser.
You can choose any of them and enjoy your experience

2. Twitter account

I feel this is another important start up tool for a newbie. There are a lot of things as regards hive going on twitter. The posh initiative is one of them and if you don't have a twitter account you can't participate in this initiative. The hive5 challenge by @nathanmars is also on going on on twitter. I can tell you I have been able to connect with some hiveans on twitter. You can also join the Twitter madness by @3speaks. A whole lot of opportunities. Twitter is also the main way of promoting #hive right now from an ininterview I heard from @theycallmedan . If you don't have one I suggest you create as soon as possible.

3. Discord

Discord is a chatting app. Although it can be very difficult to use but i can tell you it is an app you need to have..
In fact @gamsam will say then "if you want to maximize your reward on #hive you need to be on discord."
Most top communities and groups on hive are on discord. Discord offers you a lot of opportunities to promote yourself and engage also with other people on hive.The discord app is available on Android , ios and pc..

4. Ginabot

For me , I think every newbie should setup their Ginabot. Ginabot is a notification service that is connected to the hive blockchain. It helps you to follow up your favourite authors and tags instantly.
You can etup Ginabot from discord. I will do a post on how to set it up. Or you can check @ginabot

Final words to newbie

In all the most important weapon you need as a newbie is your ability to engage and create relationship as you go on the network . Make More organic and heart felt comments with emphasis on organic. Even the founder of hive says this.

Keep your password safe. There is no way to recover it. Back it up in more than one place

Finally, if you read people's post people will also read your own content

If you have anthing to add as an elder in the community, please your comment will be appreciated in the comment section.

we owe it to ourselves to make hive great.

Thank you for reading.

This can be a great help for the starters. And I've been telling all the people I'm trying to get into the space, that the engagement in the most important element of success in the space.


I will do a pos talking about the benefits of engagement. Its quite difficult fit newbies to engage.. But it requires follow up

Yeah man! The habit formation is the first thing they must focus on!

That's cool ... just keep on encouraging them

Yeah man! That's the plan. :)

Thanks for this! I'm not a newbie, but I've been away for the last year. So, this and a few other getting started posts have been helpful in getting me get back to the swing of things.

Thank you so much for this feedback

Keep it social and make it fun. Hive is not money for nothing. You have to make connections with people. Look for those who share your interests and build a community around that. That's what people do on platforms that don't pay them.

Keep up the good work.

Thank you for all you do for hive.. you are simply the best. Your encouragement is second to none

Ah shucks :) I just do what I can.

Thank you for what you do

This really helped 😩

Thanks love

Hey, thank you for posting this. I've just started using HIVE, so this guide was really useful.

Thats good.. if you have any issues aa regards starting up .. just comment on a post or contact me on discord.. Ivan willing to help

Nice to find out about Ginabot. Thank you.😀

That's good. i will e writing about how to set up Ginabot

Sweet. Excellent thanks! (I need all the help I can get at the mo...🙃 )

Engaging and come together to build the best home for us all 😊
Post about our passions and support each other.
That is what its all about, and this post is awsome and all thing included are such a Great help to not only new People but a reminder to us all 😉👍
Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic weekend. Cheers 🌹

Thank you so much for stopping by

Wow, this quite helped me. Very informative. I just posted my intro post today, so I'm totally a newbie. I'm quite overwhelmed with EVERYTHING, but I'm taking things slowly 🙂

Hi there @kayceeports2020 and welcome.
This is my 14th day today on Hive and I had NEVER heard of Hive, Steem, or even Discord before and I knew zero about crypto- but atleast I had heard of it, so I knew slightly more about it than Hive.

I'm loving it (most of it), but I am still a bit overwhelmed by it all and still not finding answers to some questions to lessen the confusion, but I have found some great articles by @Sidwrites for newbies.

I spent 4 days before creating my account with a steaming head trying to work it all out, then the following 4 days after creating my account with an exploding head, so in the end I decided to ignore the need to know all of the (really freakin important) information and just have fun, read, look, watch and converse with people, because there are so many engaging communities and wonderful, inspirational, supportive people @Flaxz @bradleyarrow @lisamgentile @jlufer @iamraincrystal @maddogmike @russellstockley within those communities.

Goodluck to you. 😀

Well it's all true, so I could I not give credit to where credit is due...😀

Thank you for the kind mention 😉👍

Any time hon.
I love your daily videos, so uplifting and interesting- especially with the cats and the flowers in the background!😀

Your reputation on your first day means yoy are doing well.. post quality content, engage more and make it fun..

Another very simple App to use on Hive is Actifit, just by uploading the App, have it on you while moving around and post your report at the end of the day. That alone is a post per day already. It should basically help newbies to stay consistent while looking for the right community to join.

Otherwise you are doing great bro.

Thank you so much for this contribution... i hope the newbies read it

We are in this together my brother.

Thank you brother

Thank you for everything you’re doing for our HIVE