Hi there @kayceeports2020 and welcome.
This is my 14th day today on Hive and I had NEVER heard of Hive, Steem, or even Discord before and I knew zero about crypto- but atleast I had heard of it, so I knew slightly more about it than Hive.

I'm loving it (most of it), but I am still a bit overwhelmed by it all and still not finding answers to some questions to lessen the confusion, but I have found some great articles by @Sidwrites for newbies.

I spent 4 days before creating my account with a steaming head trying to work it all out, then the following 4 days after creating my account with an exploding head, so in the end I decided to ignore the need to know all of the (really freakin important) information and just have fun, read, look, watch and converse with people, because there are so many engaging communities and wonderful, inspirational, supportive people @Flaxz @bradleyarrow @lisamgentile @jlufer @iamraincrystal @maddogmike @russellstockley within those communities.

Goodluck to you. 😀

Well it's all true, so I could I not give credit to where credit is due...😀

Thank you for the kind mention 😉👍

Any time hon.
I love your daily videos, so uplifting and interesting- especially with the cats and the flowers in the background!😀

Your reputation on your first day means yoy are doing well.. post quality content, engage more and make it fun..