Hive from Viet Nam- My Introduction

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Dear friends around the world,

My name is Trieu, which means “million” in Vietnamese. I’ve lived the past 30 years in the North of Vietnam accumulating millions of experiences, and I want to share a bit about my discoveries with you. My life has been focused on traveling, studying English, enjoying nature, and making friends from around world.





I grew up in a poor family, but when I was a child I always had big, wild dreams about exploring beautiful places and interesting cultures of countries around the world. Given my situation it always seemed like an impossible dream, but I still worked hard every day towards making that dream come true. I learned English on my own by watching videos online so that I could communicate with foreign visitors to learn more about travel and the world outside of Vietnam. As the years passed through my twenties, I always kept in my head : “You should go where ever you want and live the life the way you want regardless of circumstances.”



Luckily I found some good friends with the same passions as me. We realized that there was so much of our own beautiful country ready to explore. People come from all over the world to see the beauty of Vietnam and experience its many cultures, so we decided to embark on adventures exploring our country together. That totally changed my mindset, and it was then that I finally felt like I was stepping outside of my box. Every journey we took helped to make my world bigger and bigger. 






Vietnam is such a beautiful country, with different experiences and impressive, diverse landscapes. We would spend months enjoying and exploring all the regions from north to south. Our preferred method of travel? Motorbike! Which is, in my opinion, the best way to explore Vietnam because it’s flexible, cheap, and easy. Traveling by motorbike also offers the best views and real feelings about everything around. You feel less like and outsider looking in.















Since then I’ve been working at a homestay in the national park on CatBa island, which is very close to beautiful Ha long bay, a top tourist destination in Vietnam and the world. It’s such a peaceful place with fresh air and harmony with nature. The job also helps me meet a lot of travellers from around the world, giving me the chance to understand more about different cultures, and a chance to share all my experiences travelling through Vietnam with the people I meet. I love inspiring them with new places to visit in my country, and it makes me feel proud when travellers fall in love with Vietnam, too. In fact, this passion led me to the next chapter in my life. I met a Canadian traveller who fell in love with Vietnam, and then me, and now we have a son who is a new citizen of the world. I look forward to bringing him along on a motorbike journey through Vietnam with me one day.




Now looking back on my past and all i have done, I realize that I’m living my dream. Like everything in life, it has changed and broadened my horizons along the way, but the spirit of travel and adventure is something that will always keep pushing me forward.
Travel is the only thing you can buy that will make you richer”. You can save money to buy a comfortable house or fancy car, but you won’t truly appreciate how beautiful our world is without exploring it first. I recommend everyone make time to travel and explore before settling down, because you will learn so much about yourself along the way which will last a lifetime. Travel enriches your mind with the experiences and great memories made on each journey. You learn how to adapt and build confidence, become comfortable with change, independence, and about cultural differences which creates more empathy for the people around you. So, are you ready to step out of your comfort zone?


Thank you @trangbaby for introducing me to this amazing communication that I can share all my dreams to the world and
meeting up with awesome people, I really appreciate you !

Thanks a lot for reading my post and follow me on:

Happy New Year



Looking good, I hear Vietnam is opening up soon, and it’s on my list of countries to travel too this year. God bless and welcome to the HIVE community

Welcome To Hive bro. It's great pleasure to have you on Hive. You have captured my attention with your pictures, and I am looking forward to seeing your future posts. ❤️

Thank @trangbaby ! Hopefully My new edition will come soon

Welcome to Hive @chillychill-2606. You have some very interesting photos in your presentation (especially the ones where you fly with a broom 😂). I am sure that you will enjoy this amazing community.

Thank you for supporting me man !

Welcome to hive! It’s an awesome place to be for sure. You’re in good hands with Trang!

Best thing you can do is comment on peoples posts with some good stuff and you’ll grow in no time. Comments are the most important thing!

Awesome pictures hahah

Thank man ! I really appreciate your sharing

Waooo, nice to meet you here. 🥰

Nice to meet you too ! 😊

Hi Triệu, I'm Nguyên.
Are you a Harry Potter fan? love your flying photos LOL.
You must be well-traveled, hope to see lots of travel posts from you.
There are lots of travelling enthusiasts here 😄

Thank you a lot for your compliment ! I just want to create some images collections with broom travel it makes fun a lot

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Welcome Triệu to Hive! Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures of Việt Nam.
I've been to Cát Bà and it's one of my favorite places that I could see myself living in.

Absoutely epic intro Trieu! (or should we call you "Million"? :D) Very nice read, really. And no surprise it was @trangbaby who brought you here, this girl has already onboarded an incredible number of great Hivers from Vietnam :)

It´s my pleasure to nominate this awesome intro of yours to my latest upvote giveaway for better visibility. Keep up the good work and welcome to Hive! :)

thank for all your compliment and sharing:)

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Welcome to Hive million. I want millions this year. 😍

thank you hope you will get it soon

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Hello anh 😁

Chào em nhé :) !

Welcome you to Hive communities. I hope you will have more interesting stories in the future.😊

Welcome to Hive Community. Wish your dreams come true

Welcome you to hive and hope that you will get nice experience here

Thank you 😊!

Admire your photoshop skills, especially the profile photo :)

Welcome to Hive. You are a good role model for younger Vietnamese generation, putting 110% effort into doing what you love and what you believe. And thank you for your passion to introducing Vietnam to friends all over the world. Well done you.

Congratulations on the arrival of your new born, hope he will be ready to travel with you soon. I can tell you are longing for travelling with him <3.

I think HIve will be another interesting journey in your life. HOpe you have fun and all the best. Please shout if you need any support, our Hive viet is always there for you.

Thank you so much for sharing !

Welcome to Hive. I am very impressed with your photos. Looking forward to seeing your next post. I hope you have a good time here, make many new friends and have many new experiences. Happy New Year to you and your family

Thank you ! Happy new year to your family too !

Xin chào người bạn mới !!!😊

Thanks and nice to meet you too !

So beautiful! Vietnam is one of my favourite country to go to.
This time of covid is so hard to travel.
I have been in Catba Island and been in Halong Bay. I shared a lot of my experiences to my friends from around the world.
Really love it.
Thank you for sharing your awesome life..

Wonderful pics