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Hmmmm could there be some kind of trial period for those of us that are interested in joining the OCD curation team? I know I am capable of doing it it’s just time wise I’m more concerned about. I would like to see what all it takes to be the curator your team is looking for and making sure I can dedicate the amount of time it takes.

I’ve found myself to become more of a curator than a content creator. I’ve actually noticed a shift in many of us that have been here for three or more years. It seems we have grown into community organizers, developers, guiders and curators. I still love creating content but it’s becoming more natural for me to come in here, upvote, comment, reply, guide, reblog and submit posts for the incubation program.

I’ve always been concerned and wanting those deserving better rewards to receive them and now it seems I want that even more than me getting on here to post my own content.

Anyhoo, to sum it all up I would like to try for the curator position as an “on trial” candidate! 😂🤪

Thanks @acidyo and OCD team members!