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Alright, it's been some time since I've talked about the OCD community, to be honest we've pretty much deserted it over 4 months ago to focus on building more niche communities to give newcomers and other average users a better selection of content and community spirit. I admit that when we started it off we weren't really thinking properly of the endgame and best usecase of communities, thankfully that changed and we started supporting the other diverse and amazing communities that started off even without some of them knowing it or before we finalized our community incubation program.

As an avid redditor, before I stumbled upon this blockchain, I can tell you that Reddit wouldn't be as big as it is today without the addition of communities or so called subreddits. There's many here today who still don't see the point of it or what value it brings but I'm guessing it's cause they're not used properly and to its full potential yet. I am sure though that it will change very soon and each of them will be a powerhouse of diverse content filled with quality content creators, rich engagement, contests/events and last but not least, focused onboarding from each community itself.

Without getting too much into the abstract long term vision, let's get back to our plans of picking OCD back up and what we want to do with it. Having abandoned curation in that community has left a lot of questionable posts being posted there, it's not difficult to judge that many are just doing it for some of those big votes and because the community has a lot of subscribers with those big curators frequently checking in there but not doing their due diligence when curating, some even on purpose curating based on the lack of rewards a post has rather than the quality or if it fits in the community. This is not something that's helping communities move along and improve so we are going to be changing that from now on or at least make it harder for such curators to ruin the user experience. Fun fact, as we contact a niche community recently and offered our voting support to it, the leader was hesitant as he wasn't fully aware of how we support the communities and mentioned that if it's anything like what some big stakeholders are doing to his community right now - i.e. voting on whatever has very low rewards so they can get the highest curation returns no matter the quality - he would kindly deny our support. We talked it over and their amazing community is now also getting some support from us but the state of that is pretty sad that it has come to this. With the current rules of the blockchain and its curation there's no solution to this other than directing the maximizers and allowing them to vote on posts before us which means giving them even more of an advantage and the rest of us getting an even lower piece of the rewardpool pie when the rules are mainly there to reward those actually putting effort in to curate and push great quality forward to bigger stakeholders. It is what it is right now though so let's try make the most of it.

I just subscribed back to the OCD community and have added an update on the description and rules that read as follows:

Formerly known as Operation Curation Delegation, we've shifted our curation focus to support a diverse selection of niche communities. We will be guiding newcomers and users to the correct communities so they're used the way they were meant to. Having a rich variety of communities, all with dedicated moderators and curators will make for a much better experience for new users and creators to find the right place and for quality to thrive.

We will still be allowing general blog posts that don't fit in any of the communities we're supporting and curating them here in OCD.

Check out @poshtoken and how to register:

Engage in the posts of other authors in our community and have a chance to receive ENGAGE tokens, once you have 1001 you can use the !ENGAGE 1-50 command to give out tokens to other engaging users! These can be found and traded on

Join our Discord:
for more info!

  1. Only post original content created by you.
  2. We'll generally refrain from voting on Political, Religious, Drama and Cryptocurrency/Technical Analysis content and any posts that would fit better in the communities we're supporting. Check pinned post for more info on which those are.
  3. Try and submit your content to the more appropriate communities before OCD, unless you feel it doesn't belong in any and is original content that works with our rules.
  4. Cross-posting from the other communities to get visibility from OCD's subscribers is okay as long as the original is posted there.
  5. Constant ignoring of our warnings to post your content in the other communities will get you muted.

If you've been following what we've been doing with the community incubation program you may realize that moderating and curating a community takes a lot of work, especially one of the size of OCD. That's why we've been incentivizing each community extra with a delegation based on the amount of subscribers they have, rewarding their curation reports including abuse reports and other various work they've put into the community and at the same time voting on the best posts of the day they choose and naturally get to vote on before us giving them an edge in curation rewards on top of the delegation to increase it a bit.

We'll be doing something similar with the OCD community, give the dedicated curators a delegation, have them post reports they share with everyone else who contributed through the beneficiary system and let them nominate exceptional posts that we reward with a higher vote.

The important difference here between the OCD community and the other communities we're supporting through the incubation program is that we want to leverage our community to give them all more authors, subscribers and activity. A lot of the work that's going to be put into the community from the curators in the beginning will be directing authors to the other communities with a comment. If they ignore it there will be a mute on the next post, if they ignore that too we will have to mute the account from posting in OCD completely. There will possibly be many using the excuse that they're not in it for rewards but for the visibility of the amount of subscribers, for that we're going to allow the use of cross-posting that @peakd offers which nowadays can't be abused but for the sake of statistics and a better ranking of the niche communities they'll have to cross-post to OCD with the original being in the appropriate community.

Unfortunately there will be many who will ignore it and not even post in the right communities even though they're made aware that we're curating them because they'll still want to gamble on getting a bigger vote from the "rogue" curators who are mainly after higher returns. Instead of starting "flag wars" by disincentivizing such curation and at the same time posting, say, insect posts in OCD when there's a community specifically for that, we'll just have to rely on muting and hope the other communities that are being used similar to OCD will also discourage that behavior by using the community features and possibly the same incentives we are in our program.

Anyway, it's hard nowadays to find curators as dedicated as the one's we have in OCD and we've also been careful with the curators and leaders of the communities we're supporting to avoid abuse, especially after one was found using multiple accounts both on chain and discord to take advantage of our program, we'll mostly be relying on existing curators nominating some they think will be good for this position.

If there are some out there that think they can also do a good job and have a great track record and high activity on chain, feel free to apply here in the comments and we will do some chain analytics check up on you. :P

We're hoping this will improve our community and it being a great gateway into the more diverse communities for our readers and future newcomers.

Thanks for reading!

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I think the criteria of a good post, is one post the bring a lot of money 💰 😉. I still haven’t understand the whole curation concept. I’m on OCD server on discord, when I visit a Twitter posh, and upvoted, does that make me a curator?

The word curator has been overused a bit lately, I'd say that makes you a voter. Curators in ocd also take a lot of time to check for abuse/plagiarism and other suspicious activity some accounts unfortunately attempt over and over instead of just trying their best with what they can do and post about it. What you see on my posts are also a lot of autovotes from people who've been wanting to support me over the years but I try my best not to abuse them and forfeit them on posts I don't feel like I spent a lot of time on or are that valuable with new information/etc.

Thank you for taking the time to answer me.

I love every bit of this!

...Reddit wouldn't be as big as it is today without the addition of communities or so called subreddits.

We've both been around the block for a few years now, and remember what Steemit used to be like, waiting around for the empty promises of community functionality to finally come to fruition... I used to write curation posts for @steemgigs, and it's truly a hassle trying to curate a tag that can just be spammed with content fishing for upvotes.

I agree that communities aren't exactly used to their full potential, but everything here has always come with a bit of a learning curve. With time to adapt, the people who have come to call Hive their home will create things others could only dream of doing.

I absolutely love the work I'm doing for now as the community curator for @hivehustlers, and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to be included in the incubation program.

The idea of being a general "community for communities" and strongly encouraging content to be posted to relevant groups is something that will truly help the entire blockchain not only grow but thrive.

I've actually started a community of my own, related to the very first group I formed on Steemit, though I've only told a few people about it and I'm not quite ready to "launch" it.

I would throw my name in the hat for OCD curator and create some more of my beautiful curation posts, but I think I may have my hands full when I get this all ready to go. I'll definitely be in contact about joining the incubation program, though, once we have regular and relevant content being published.

 4 years ago  

I want to apply as curator sir! 🙋‍♀️

I second this! And also, I highly recommend @romeskie to be part of the biggest curation community in the chain. She's leading the hiveph community, together with some users/staffs providing support to the newbies and other users.

 4 years ago  

Palm Fruits.... sir, Palm Fruits.

 4 years ago  

😂 Hail the palm fruits, sir.

This hits so many nails on the head in one post. I've decided to just keep it organic and only post in the communities I feel an affinity for right now. For voting my mantra now is vote, message,reblog & follow. If the content caught your eye and you feel its worth a vote then why not let them know why, share it and follow as probably more where it came from. If this became the norm then hive organically would grow correctly and the communities would flourish. I like how your supporting the smaller communities as if people post in the right ones and they see a reward, doesn't have to be big but they see one, then it will naturally workout. Thanks for the direction towards the posh twitter link as I was doing everything else but had not registered. I'm hoping I've corrected that now :)

I'd throw my hat in the curator ring also. Subject to a block chain background check of course ;)

Thank you for supporting users like myself to get exposure! After leaving Steemit, I quickly realized that most of my followers were bots and I was afraid that my content would never see the light of day lol. After being a part of the Hive community for awhile, I was able to find some new friends here and it's pretty cool to finally interact with real people from all the niche communities :) Thanks for being awesome and I also want to give a shoutout to all the curators for being a good support the community!!!

I find the work you do really amazing, I admire a lot of communities that you actually support like HiveGaming and MakeUpPower, the second one is just mindblowing, I really love it, even I always talk to people to teach them how to use properly the communities because I think that the content segmentation was a brilliant idea to reach the audience that really want to consume our content, that give our content more visibility, not everyone understand that, but we can change that fact.

I would like to nominate myself for the OCD curation work because I've always loved curating content, I have almost 2 years of experience curating content, I was part of the curation team of @helpie on the Steem platform, I applied to be a curator for @curie and received a year's training and remained active as a curator for projects like @la-colmena and @c-squared focused on Spanish content because of the need that arose to create segmented teams but I'm bilingual, I can handle global curation.

Currently I'm still active as a curator for @la-colmena and I usually do sporadic curations using Twitter; I'm not "exceptionally active" in curation because of course I'm also a content creator and I run a community, however, currently my time is a hundred percent dedicated to the HIVE platform so I feel that I can dedicate myself to do the work in the most objective and organic way possible.

I would like to receive information about requirements to become a curator for @ocd and apply for the task.

Than you so much for this opportunity and I hope to be considered even for a second talk about this.

I support this nomination.

For the last few months, @ilazramusic has shared with me amazing posts. He has a great eye to spot great content, not only for music posts but in general. I believe he will be a great asset as an @ocd curator.

Apoyo tu propuesta eres un usuario activo y un ejemplo. Te deseo muchos éxitos

I have seen Ilaz @ilazramusic on the platform for 2 years, although I didn't know him, his name was always linked to initiatives, promotions and content curation.

Now I know him a little better and I think he would be an excellent curator for OCD. I hope he gets a chance to show his skills.

I support Ilaz in his application for curatorship, I have known him for a long time on the platform and we share in the Discord de @Votovzla, I am sure he would do an honest and objective job in curating good content. Successes Ilaz! 🤗

I support this nomination because @ilazramusic is one of the most committed users I know on the platform. His passion and dedication to make the beehive grow every day, make him ideal for this position. He has always been concerned about building community and strengthening it. My support and best wishes for you to be considered for this proposal. A hug and thanks to the OCD community for these spaces of growth.

 4 years ago  

I'll throw my name into the hat! I have a lot to learn but i do remember how difficult it was getting started. The learning curve has been tough. Now that coding is in the editor... the rewards have changed giving us a different kind of curve. I still have a lot to learn and may not be qualified... but i would like to be able to find great content and reward it accordingly. Helping newer creators get recognized and incentivized in continuing to create would be a good boost in retention.

I am thankful for all that OCD does to foster the communities and the health of HIVE. I am sure this will be one step in a direction on the path to the MOON!

Hi Acidyo, hi OCD community.
I would like to leave my application: I'm the founder of the discovery-it community, which has been around for about two years. I am very active on the platform. I have participated in the curation group of C2 and Helpie in the past. At the moment I am Italian curator for Curie, and I collaborate with the Qurator team.
I really appreciate your work for the platform and for the users, and I hope to be able to join the team.

I would like to thank you for the support you are showing the other various communities. On part I especially liked is the referring of an Author to an appropriate community. There are now a ton of them available, and by allowing the crossposting to OCD will be beneficial to not only the Authors but to those niche communities in free advertising.

One of the things I really like about peakd front end is they have made it easy to see community verse tag, green or grey. Now OCD community will make it easier to find Authors and other communities with your crossposting imitative. Thank You

I have always believed in OCD, whatever happens, when you are inside and you know the reality and the effort you can understand many things, unfortunately I don't know English at all, but I know how to do my job very well, then, it goes without saying that I am at your service, especially if OCD wants at some point to resume curation in Spanish, even if it is the opposite.


I was finally able to do this.

Your continuous effort to make a hive a better place is appreciated. Most of my activities on the chain has been built around stemsocial. I have been able to mentor and build a decent number of stem writers from Nigeria many of which have grown to become veteran contributors to the hive ecosystem. When things were still rosy in terms of price, the stemng discord use to boast of decent level of activities unlike what we have now.

I will love to apply as one of the curators of ocd. I've been curating for stemsocial close to 4 years now. I've got eyes for great contents that are not necessarily stem related and I also believe that the experience accruable from mentoring newbies will come handy in order to be effective in the position.

Need I say that my motivation is not based on rewards. Rather, it is out of passion to make the hive blockchain a better place. I just love what ocd has been doing and would consider it an honor to be part of it.

Fun fact, as we contact a niche community recently and offered our voting support to it, the leader was hesitant ...

Such a strange leader that must have been ... :-)

With the current rules of the blockchain and its curation there's no solution to this other than directing the maximizers and allowing them to vote on posts before us which means giving them even more of an advantage and the rest of us getting an even lower piece of the rewardpool pie ...

Right ... that's why I pleaded for a linear curation curve (with all its advantages and disadvantages - we already discussed that before ...).

Apart from all that: thanks for your great efforts!

Yeah, going back to linear or a little closer to it might not be the worst idea nowadays, especially with downvotes to disincentivize bot voting on any content. People are afraid it might remove the incentives to go out and find newcomers or centralize stake in very few curation projects again since so much of it is already very passive. Dunno a good solution for it right now to be honest, there would need to be a lot of testing and simulation crafting before we make any big decisions for a future hardfork.

Yeah, going back to linear or a little closer to it might not be the worst idea nowadays ...

I mean that could be reasonable at least for the curation rewards curve (not to punish late manual upvoters anymore) ... the author rewards curve could stay convergent linear (to make sure that self-votes aren't that profitable).

Full linear can be abused too, (think of voting at 6D 23H 59M and 59S) .We need linear curve for first 24 hour afterwards it can go nonlinear.
First 24 H liner curve will bring more interaction an less abuse.

We are having a cooldown period of 12 hours (read for example here), which means that voting exactly at the end of the seven day window wouldn't be reasonable anyway, but voting earlier would allow counter flags, so that I don't see any problems with a linear curation curve.

That post is pure math that I was searching earlier. Thanks

There’s been a noticeable drop in some of the newer users that I’ve started to try and engage with and follow which has been sad. Hopefully we can incentivize those who are sticking with us to keep engaging, staying in the chain and adding content. I try to tell many that the best time to post is when the tokens are cheap!

I’ll see what I can do to try and recommend the OCD community to them, I have no idea why people constantly post in the gems community lol I’ve always been confused by that.

 4 years ago  

Hmmmm could there be some kind of trial period for those of us that are interested in joining the OCD curation team? I know I am capable of doing it it’s just time wise I’m more concerned about. I would like to see what all it takes to be the curator your team is looking for and making sure I can dedicate the amount of time it takes.

I’ve found myself to become more of a curator than a content creator. I’ve actually noticed a shift in many of us that have been here for three or more years. It seems we have grown into community organizers, developers, guiders and curators. I still love creating content but it’s becoming more natural for me to come in here, upvote, comment, reply, guide, reblog and submit posts for the incubation program.

I’ve always been concerned and wanting those deserving better rewards to receive them and now it seems I want that even more than me getting on here to post my own content.

Anyhoo, to sum it all up I would like to try for the curator position as an “on trial” candidate! 😂🤪

Thanks @acidyo and OCD team members!

Keep supporting us too

Good to know that @ocd is gonna be back for more action. Personally, I have also been MIA for a while and now I am back to see that things had changed a lot especially the communities. There are still familiar faces but not didn't get that much engagement as before. Wouldn't say that it is the community change of nature but also on myself that I have been missing and people tend to forget haha. Well, will be with OCD and see what I can help :) (Still keeping my delegation to OCD!)

I support this great work. If there is a space that I can support or a grain of sand to contribute, I am here for you. This is a job that requires a lot of dedication and above all a commitment to do things right. Wishing you can achieve these goals. regards

I suggest “maximizers” as word of the first five years of the chain.

Unfortunately it's the same on all chains I assume, Satoshi rolling in his grave. 😔

Satoshi’s dead??? #ZOMG

Bitcoin’s doomed. DOOMED!!!1!!11!

no ceo no future, what would steem be without ned

whether photography content can be included in the OCD community. I think photography is also the original content of the content writer.

We're supporting the Photography Lovers community already so we much rather people focus posting there.

thank you for your answer.

Thanks for reminding everyone of all that. Niche communities need support indeed.

It's nice to see someone talking about some facts... thank you for that.
And I'm applying to be a curator of the team.

I have been in the curatorship for more than 1 year, during all this time I have seen the irregularities caused by the power that has to reward other posts. I saw with great disappointment how some publications that did not meet the quality and originality parameters were well rewarded. That is very demotivating. As a curator I always understood that good work should be well rewarded, that is why I am at the service of this community in healing in Spanish to be able to reward those who do deserve it. I have references that support me.


This all seems so complicated. Do you have a TL;DR bullet point version of this too? :3

This is exactly the direction I had hoped OCD would move in. So our Hive Cross CultureCommunity is up and running and I hope we can get some support whenever you can get around to it. I understand there are other communities that might need more support than we do. I’ve been powering up so I can reward posts more myself but it’s not that much (.30-.40 per vote).

We need active users and activity more than anything so I’d really appreciate any reshares or mentions or anyone coming to check us out!

Here is my latest post on the intentions behind the community : Let’s bridge the gap between different countries and backgrounds at Hive

Either way Thanks for taking this direction, this is the kind of thing that makes me confident investing in the platform

Hi @acidyo
I have always seen OCD doing great and trying various ways to add value on the platform. Its a very good update hopefully it will also value on the hive. I apply for the curator of OCD.
Thanks for sharing this update.

Thanks for the nice update. I am already curating few other communities in Hive. I want to be a part of curation team. So, I am submitting my application. Thanks.

Thanks, I see why I don't get cured in your community. How do I know which community should I use to post family topics an which community you support for food recipes?

There's foodies bee hive for food related content (recipes, pictures, tips and trick, food reviews, etc). For family related content, you can post in motherhood community though again it depends on what kind of family content. There's also ecotrain and natural medicine.

Thanks very much for the information.

I would like to be able to apply to be part of the team of curators, I have been on the platform for almost three years, I have led a curation project for just over 2 years now it is not active but I had been using it for more than two years, I am currently a curator in the curangel project and also in the discovery-it project, so you can see that most of the time that I have on the blockchain, I have been curing, I hope I can apply for to win a place in your curation team, thanks for your attention .

I always support for manual curation on Hive that would give original and quality content creator value of their hard work....I have been involved with manual curation for our growing @indiaunited community with 21k HP and also support the quality content with my own 12k HP. I love to make users familiar with the importance of posting in correct community...Earlier, I was involved with 'helpie' community and now looking ahead to carry on with OCD community......please acknowledge my application for curators role @acidyo.

It's good to see community like OCD doing best effort for welfare of all the community...and hive.

I would like to recommend @steemflow for this. I have known him for a very long time. He has done a great job in curating content for the @indiaunited community. Most of his picks are always well-deserving authors. All the best @steemflow.

Thanks @bala41288 I am happy to support the quality content

I wanted to apply to be part of your curation team sir. I wanted to somehow support those contents with quality and to those unpopular contents with great quality which were undervalued.

I try to post as much as I can and upvote and read as much as I can posts across all the communities. I think they all deserve to be equally rewarded. I think you should be able to post appropriate posts to each segment, and not one post to every community. If you have content, if you are multi personality and you can posts about food for example. travel and you sing for example. You can, But not one things across all ones

Hi, @acidyo your post have been randomly piked by @text2speech
below is the link to the audio version of your post hope you will and other users will enjoy this.

audio of the post

this is an introduction post have a looks and know more about this account.

Introduction Post

I highly nominate @romeskie founder of @hiveph community and @crosheille founder of @NeedleworkMonday community.

These two ladies I've mention have passion, dedication and fair enough in curating quality content post. Always on support on the new user as well as with the old ones with the capabilities and talents on their chosen niche.

I would love to hear from you if these two will be included as content curators in this big and prestigious ocd community.

May God bless you in the selection that you may be able to choose those rightful curators in the future. More power to you sir @acidyo and @ocd team.


There is no doubt that entrusting delegations to people who show interest in supporting this curatorial team project is something that should be taken very calmly. When faced with an offer, it is only a matter of reflecting the good in each one, making it a task with complex decisions. Having previously trusted people for this work and that they took advantage of the opportunity is something discouraging, but I am sure that as well as these types of people, there are also many who have an impeccable profile and an enviable reputation, but these aspects must go hand in hand with the "Activity" because being curators requires a lot of dedication to keep a constant pace that allows to give reason to the delegations granted. A position desired by many but deserved by few. I know that in spite of all the above they will continue to carry out this successful line in their great project, it remains to be grateful for their valuable work and effort so that the chain of blocks has the great receptivity that it has, for old and new members who strive to bring quality content, fulfilling the essential conditions to be considered bastions within the community, with the desire to generate a contribution and a reward that encourages the writer. I am a student of the 9th semester of Industrial Engineering, active content creator in the block chain, and fulfilling my daily votes regulating the minimum margin of 80% in the "Voting Maná" bar, I hope to continue observing your great work, and why not, someday be part of your team. Sorry if something is not understood, my native language is Spanish.


Sin duda alguna que confiar delegaciones a personas que demuestren interés en apoyar este proyecto de equipo de curadores es algo que se debe tomar con mucha calma. Ante la oferta únicamente se trata de reflejar lo bueno de cada uno, convirtiéndolo en una tarea con decisiones complejas. Al haber anteriormente confiado en personas para este trabajo y que se aprovecharan de la oportunidad es algo desalentador, pero estoy seguro que así como ese tipo de personas, también existen muchos que con un perfil impecable y una reputación envidiable, pero esos aspectos deben ir de la mano con la "Actividad" porque al ser curadores se requiere de mucha dedicación para llevar un ritmo constante que permitan dar razón a las delegaciones otorgadas. Un puesto deseado por mucho pero merecido para pocos. Se que a pesar de todo lo anterior mencionado continuarán llevando esta linea exitosa en su grandioso proyecto, queda agradecer por su valioso trabajo y esfuerzo para que la cadena de bloques tenga la gran receptividad que tiene, por antiguos y nuevos integrantes que se esfuerzan por traer contenido de calidad, cumpliendo con las condiciones esenciales para ser considerados baluartes dentro de la comunidad, con el deseo de generar un aporte y una recompensa que incentive al escritor. Soy estudiante del 9 semestre de Ingeniería Industrial, creador de contenido activo en la cadena de bloques, y cumplidor con mis votos diarios regulando el margen mínimo del 80% en la barra "Voting Maná", espero continuar observando su gran trabajo, y por qué no, algún día ser parte de su equipo. Disculpen si algo no se logra comprender, mi idioma nativo es el español.

I will be totally honest, I would like to apply for the healing project, my experience in hive is one of the most careful in terms of knowing who I see, follow the track and verify that nothing of what I have been doing is wrong, there are many who support people who do things wrong, even there are times that simply have voted posts wrong.

I like to see a community in which there is a lot of activity and that is attractive, the same that calls your attention to help without hesitation. Maybe I won't be the first one to say it, nor will I be the person who has had more interaction with others, but I'm sure of one thing and that is that no matter what I'll have for sure: a well presented post, with a lot of effort and originality will be rewarded as it should be and that with all the respect, everyone knows what they have to do to keep the platform and improve it without a doubt.

What is the healing project?

Hi! I wanted to say Curation. It was a problem with the translator I used to make the comment, plus a bit of nerves when doing it.
For me, highlighting a person's content should be for the value of it, if that's what i'm going for! Thank you for reviewing my comment.

Hello again friend, I follow the work you do and it is excellent, diversifying the hive instead of centralizing power will certainly lead to success and each user will make active life in the community that relates to its area of action.

Greetings and successes! 🤝

Glad you back!

Any chances you take the next step and follow a similar path like leofinance? Your tribe, your token, your website, burns from and revenue etc? Imo, it makes sense. Better rewards and also helps the hive ecosystem! I would definitely get involved if you did, and you already have a nice community and the whole posh thing!

I second that.

We have some ideas for a different front-end but lacking the right incentives at the moment and a good dev wanting to work on it.

Would you be interested in brainstorming some ideas? I could let you know some of mine that I have to make it pretty unique.

Sure thing hit me on discord!

I like that we can cross-post for more visibility 😁

@acidyo Thank you for sharing such important information👍

Greetings, I would be honored to be a part of your healing team. I am an active curator, in the past (Steemit) I supported many nonprofit communities more than valuing good content and keeping the community up, many people know me as my healing work, they focus on content in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, as I can master such languages and my criteria can be very broad in terms of the type of publication, so I can say with propriety that I do not cure content that I like but I extend myself to all possible fields to support those who create excellent content.

I was part of La Colmena as a moderator and curator, as well as C-squared, some smaller than others, currently I am a curator at Curangel, for me it would be a pleasure to also belong to the OCD healing staff, I have my time, prestige and knowledge.

Whoever knows me knows that I am an honest person and free of vices.

I want to apply for curator in OCD.

I have been working at Hive all this time as a curator of various projects such as @la-colmena @c-squared and I am currently an exclusive curator of @celfmagazine. I have curated various types of publications being very varied in the decision I make when choosing them since I consider that an original publication will always have greater weight compared to others.

I do a strong promotion of Hive on Twitter being the founder of @hiveperu1 the only community in Peru in Hive and where I seek within my country the union of more users who want to be part of the blockchain.

I believe that I can be part of your great team.

Thank you very much for the opportunity that you open for those of us who are immersed in the daily healing work. I hope you can count on my experience in @ocd.

I am very happy to see how this type of initiative continues to grow more and more. I have been on this platform for many months and although I could go on for a long time talking about everything I have learned, to sum up I can say that this experience translates into confidence towards the Blockchain technology.

During all this time I have written many posts about science, literature, science fiction and of course some informative posts about the technological ecosystem.

I would love to play the role of curator for this project. Especially now that I have a lot of free time and I feel that I need to give more of myself to this community.

Always attentive and committed to the development of HIVE.

Thank you.

I find this post helpful, thank you.

Ocd is great community

Sir help me

Sir, I have been working in this community for a long time but Quetta Town is not happening with me yet. Please verify me.

This post is very helpful for us. Thank you for sharing this information.

Thanks for this vital information. I wanna really understand the whole concept of cross-posting from the other communities. Because when I posted my introduction, I posted it in #freewriters community instead of #OCD. I was wondering if I can report it in OCD or by doing so would I be breaking rules?

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