Suddenly Easter

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Well, I am a very positive person. I made a grateful Easter celebration post earlier when I woke up, to recap what had happened over the past few days. If you have not read it and interested in reading it, please feel free to catch up at my earlier post

Continue from earlier post, I decided to make a trip to the nearby hypermarket to get some groceries before everybody else be there. But it looks like, the queue now expended to 3 L shaped line. I don't like to complain, but this seems like outrageous. The 3 infront of me came in a GROUP. Probably foreign worker from same hostel. I don't mean discriminate, but it's very worrying since they keep on talking to each others. Look how closed these people queuing up altogether. That's not the worst, I've seen couples came from same direction, then queuing up one after another pretend like they do not know each other, once they're on, they share one shopping cart. Seriously guys? Think this is what? Easter shopping? Having a date?

Going for grocery isn't easy because under the movement control, we can't go out anywhere further than 10km from where we live. From my house going to AEON is only 2km exactly, but the road leading there are elevated motor way. Going there is 2km, coming back is like 8km. So, what seems to make more sense is going to Tesco which is exactly 4km from my house, and coming back the same route. That however, the roadblock set on the opposite on my way back home. Queuing to get in to groceries took me 45minutes. I did self checkin and using my phone to QR scan all the price tag, so I can pay wave when I leave the premises. Shopping only took me 15 minutes and I got two full load of shopping bag, and a cooler bag of meat. And also packed my favorite Subway breakfast. There goes 1 hour, and I spent another hour stuck at the army checkpoint where they purposely delay each check to slow down the flow. There goes my easter morning. By the time I reached home, the sandwich became flat due to staking up each other.

By any chance, do you guys know we have "white" coffee here? It's not exactly "white" kinda "white". It's more like what we known as flatwhite. Malaysian has been influenced by the British on the coffee culture. However, as most regular Asian has a rather "weak" stomach, black coffee sometimes causes us windy and feel uneasy. So, here comes a new idea of premixed creamer and sugar into freeze dried coffee, so it became "white" coffee. Trust me, it taste more or less the same like a Caramel Latte, but at a much affordable price. This for example, less then 4 dollars but can mixed up to 15 cup of Caramel Latte.

Since the late breakfast and coffee(more like brunch), by the time we should eat our lunch, I already felt somewhat half full and not entirely sure what can I eat. Female tiger is doing her stuff in her room, the kids just had their Subway, neither are they hungry. So, I served myself a bowl of instant noodle, we called it IndoMee, stands for Indonesian Noodle. Be extremely careful if you're going on date. The after taste to the mouth is extremely strong, and what makes matter worse is, the kind of fart it generates, smells like butane gas leak. Let me know when you come to Malaysia, I'll make sure you try some of these mind blowing instant noodle.

Nothing much going on, so I turned on my laptop, registered myself with Epic, requested a demo version of Detroit Become Human, downloaded and try. WOW! Everything on my laptop are capable, except the GPU does not support VULKAN API. Duh! I think after the lockdown, I'm going to go to the electronic mall, get one of the computer guy to advice me a used branded CPU, that is capable for DBH and buy one. In the end, my newest desktop PC is from 2007. Time to find a better one but at a budget price.

LazyMom cooked beef stew, and toasted 6 slices of the expiring bread for me. Well, no complain. Or I will have to go out and buy myself dinner. The carrot in the stew tasted sour, not entirely sure why carrot tasted sour. Or may be it was the onions? This is the first time the kids didn't finish their rice with beef stew either. Strange.

And then later in the eening received this from the media, stating the area where I stayed, police caught a family of 6, aged beteen 19 to 48 trying to go into the shopping mall for groceries shopping. Immediately the police gave them 6 ticket, and each tiket amounting 1000bucks. I hope the police continue to catch these kind of people who put themselves and others in danger.

And finally this post before I go to bed.


I didn't shop extra. I hate staying in row. Only bought chocolate and left right in time. No line as I arrived but one as I left the shop.

I usually buy for a whole week. Without the lockdown, I would have gone to the hypermarket just for kicks, even if I have nothing else to buy, I'll take the kids go hangout at the arcade, have some ice cream, take a subway breakfast and sit there for hours.

Really? It's not my kind of fun.

This is very similar to what my family and I used to do when I was younger.. we often went there to just walk around or so I can skate with my wheeled shoes and then eat some food or ice cream :D It was so fun because my mother also babysat children so we all wear our 'special' shoes together and it was like one big family going 'outing' in the hypermarket lol

Take me out next time after the MCO being uplifted 😂