D.Buzz sets up a Witness on HIVE

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DBuzz sets up a HIVE Witness.jpg

Our team here at D.Buzz just made our account @dbuzz a HIVE Witness.

This move was taken in order to provide a reliable API for our D.Buzz web application and to further support the HIVE community, as we meet new people, build on the blockchain, and do our best to contribute.

In addition to setting up @dbuzz as a HIVE Witness, we plan on using it in the future to supply a new API to the HIVE community.

Here are the specs of our server:

AMD Epyc 7371 - 128GB DDR4 ECC 2400 MHz - 2x SSD NVMe 960GB Datacenter Class Soft RAID


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!tipu curate
Yes, I will make this one of my witness votes as well!

While I am a member of the D.Buzz team, I also know the people who run the project.

From all my conversations with them, and seeing firsthand how they respond to both criticism and suggestions, and knowing them as not team members but fellow people on the Internet, I know their passion and desire to see cryptocurrency and a decentralized community grow and flourish. I truly believe that this team of people has only positive intentions, and the best overall desire to see HIVE grow and flourish.

This is why I will be voting for them as one of my witnesses.

Good Luck Guys~

Will support this development.

Our Witness is now Live 😊

pls write when witness node is up

It's up 😃

Your transaction is on the way!

Let us support this.

You can vote here @olivia08:

Thank you but they told me but I have a lot of witnesses. I will remove some of them and promise to support you.

Ah okay @olivia08 thank you 🙂👍