D.Buzz, the Micro-blogging Dapp in Maintenance Mode

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Prior to the launch of D.Buzz our team reached out to @guiltyparties, @hivewatchers and various members & stakeholders of the community to help ensure that our Dapp would be well received.

The concerns laid out by abuse fighters largely centered around reward pool abuse, so we launched with Rewards set to Decline to gather additional feedback, and see how the community would react to a new micro-blogging Dapp on the HIVE blockchain.

Two days after our launch, @xxxxxxxxxx published a post expressing concern over the Twitter-to-Hive aspect of D.Buzz, and in the comment section of that post, @hiddenblade pointed out that some of the criticism was in fact correct, and that the reposted Tweets were showing up in feeds, even for people not subscribed to the D.Buzz community - that is NOT how we intended the Dapp to work.

In the midst of the controversy and after enough complaints, we took the site offline and placed it in maintenance mode. We are now re-grouping and planning our next step.

Rest assured, your various perspectives, opinions and ideas have been heard, and we are now consolidating them into a single solution to serve you, the HIVE community and everyone that would benefit from a micro-blogging Dapp built on the HIVE blockchain.

Feel free to ask questions, leave feedback, or even give us constructive criticism in the comments below, and credit to: @jongolson, @patrickulrich, @niallon11, @felt.buzz, @clayboyn, @mmmmkkkk311, @justineh and all of you who gave us feedback in the comment sections of our posts.


  1. NEW Microblogging Platform is Launching Soon #HIVE

  2. Official Launch: D.Buzz is Alive on the Hive Blockchain

  3. Scaredy Cat Investor Show - Interview Replay with D.Buzz Dapp's @nathansenn

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It's good to see the project will continue. I was afraid the powers that be had discouraged you from continuing on this path. I look forward to short form content on Hive and will be one of your first users when it relaunches.

Thank you @patrickulrich and don't worry, we're not discouraged, just re-grouping.

For the record, @xxxxxxxxxx didn't just downvote our posts, he also DM'd me privately with advice about how to improve the Dapp 👍

All glitches and irritation aside after the feed -vote meltdowns and the unfollows from disgruntled Hive people, I remain excited by the idea, on pause and ready to reconnect to d.buzz when you have it sorted.

Thank you @artemislives everyone's feedback helped and we are looking forward to launching again 🙂🖐️

Fail forward. :) You have some great people working on it, seems like, and a community of support who understands that leading into new territory sometimes means potholes and minor detours. All good Looking forward with anticipation.

hopefully you guys come back kicking ass with this awesome ide you have, i mean i know it was not a perfect launch but i do believe you guys can improve and not be discouraged from building on Hive!

Thank you @victoriabsb . . we are busy integrating some of the suggestions of the community and will re-launch once the basic requires for a successful re-launch are met . . don't worry, we aren't discouraged and are still building . . thank you for the support 😀

Please continue on with this project, I truly think this is the way forward for Hive, will greatly help in both internal community building as well as bringing in new users from Twitter. I have a huge network of Twitter influencers and I have just onboarded a content creator with 100k followers last week. DBuzz is very important to me and I will do anything I can to support it.

Thank you @bchainbastards,

Our Twitter-to-Hive feature did not have enough support from major stakeholders in the community . . BUT we are re-launching and will eventually enable posting from HIVE-to-Twitter instead 😀

P.S. Don't worry, we have a strong team and are close to re-launching . . we are busy integrating the suggestions of the community and will re-launch with some of them already live.

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