Free Hive Banners for the Community

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Created by me @derangedvisions

Get your Hive on


Last night I put together two more Hive banners that are free for the community to use in their posts. Show of your Hive pride in your posts by adding these banners to them.

As we continue to grow the Hive, I am sure there will be even more amazing creations being put out there from the Hive community. I can't wait to see where we all take the Hive blockchain as we move forward to the future as it is a truly censorship free and decentralized blockchain.


Created by me @derangedvisions


both are pretty cool but I prefer the first one. awesome job!

Thanks. I like the first one a lot too. I meant to do a 10% upvote on the comment, but gave a full one on accident, whoopsie, lol.

oh...I just saw that. I would have been happy with the 10% as well, but thanks :)

Great work! These are both unique in their own way. Awesome Hive promo material 👍👍

Thanks. I am glad that you like them.

They are beautiful @derangedvisions, thanks for sharing them.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

Awesome. Thank you! I shall start using the banner tomorrow!
Be safe & take care 🥰🌺🤙

I posted my HIVE animated logo last week.

Thanks for sharing!

Looks great. Keep it up!

Bang, even on HIVE I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Sorry, no beers or deranged or trdo yet... waiting on steem-engine to make the move to HIVE...
Check the last changes here

These are fabulous! Thank you! 😃

Thank you. I appreciate it.

I like both banners!

Awesome. Glad you like them.

Awesome banners thanks man.

No problem. Glad you like them

Amazing .GIF!!!

I like second one

Many will be happy to show the new home, great work, thank you!

Good stuff! I've reblogged this post. 😺

Thank you @derangedvisions! I will use the first one. 😍😍

Looking good! Love the first one!

Both awesome 😉😎

wow cool you are creative

Thank you for your sharing about free HIVE banner. Thats very interesting, Hive Banner in black background. I think we need next free HIVE banner in "white or clear" background as other alternatives ;)

Thank you, this is awesome!

You are more than welcome. I am glad that you like them.

Good stuff- I might use this soon promoting Hive via Twitter


Love the first one. Great job Wes.

Thanks homie.

Thanks for sharing these. Rehived...feels weird typing that.

Hey those are pretty cool man, thanks. Have you seen these cool vids by @olegw? They are amazing!

Both are cool creations. First one is better for me though. These are awesome. Thanks for sharing your creative juices @derangedvisions. :)

You are welcome. Glad you like them.

Cool! Thank's
Give me both))

Excellent work

Thanks @derangedvisions for the pretty banners...I'd definitely use them. 😁

@derangedvisions Thanks for taking the time to make these! I love seeing the community effort here to help one another. It reminds me of the other platform circa fall of 2016 when I first joined. This is the stuff of community, and it doesn’t go unnoticed or appreciated. Thank you.

Thanks. I am glad you like them. It is awesome seeing the community coming together at the beginning and creating stuff for each other.

Nice banners my dude! I'm going to start using the last one for Vimm streams.


Awesome :) love the animation


These are awesome, thanks! I’ve been looking for a cool hive banner. Loving the first one.

Curious to make one with my account name in it but what software did you use to do it?

Thanks. I use Adobe After Effects for them.

Thanks! I don't have that but I will see what I can do to give my hand a try at making a gif. Images aren't that bad but I've never made a .gif before, will be fun!

Thanks for the gift.

Second one with transparent/white background maybe? Good work!

Awesome banners thanks man.....