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RE: OCD Community Incubation Program Finalized

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This is awesome! I have started a new project and community that is creating a new tribe on HIVE. We already have the token HEARTS staking and the 1000 BEE to distribute the token, are being powered down as we speak to distribute the token. We still need to raise the BEE to afford the website distributed by HIVE Engine. We have some team members waiting to come on board that are just creating HIVE accounts or about to. Some corporate support already, and a partnership forming with a financial consultant. Our new community is called Health and Recovery, and is focused on Recovery in all Health and Medical conditions, procedures, treatments, surgeries, substance abuse,diseases and all things that promote a healthy balanced lifestyle. We already have an incentive program with an online counselling service for our new subscribers and curators, or their friends and family who may be in distress. We want to raise funds to have an emergency pool to help donate to people and or charities in need, especially in times of emergency or duress.
Our Introduction post can be found here

and the link to the community is here
Thanks for the help I have joined the Discord server. Now I will delegate some HIVE Power to @ocd immediately.


Hey, no need to delegate to @ocd, @ocd will be delegating a little to communities. I noticed you're already in our Discord so will get back to you soon!

oh it is to late, I did it right away and being a newbie I don't know how to undo or un-delegate yet. @acidyo

I'm assuming you used to delegate? In that case just delegate to @ocd again but set the amount to 0 (zero).