The world inventions: The case of the matches!

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The matches are a great invention. You can just use a stick to get fire. And this development and good things have been used in a long time now!

Associations can be free, or they can be restricted to information you find of any kind, and this is all the equipments and all the literature give us of information. Research is going in different phases, and the more the research there has been there, the more literature and information there are about the products we are examining. All products come from human nature, and they are going back to nature according to our philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau! And every new variant of product in the world, is a new way of doing things in life. And it can be better or worser with it!

The history of the matches started with fire, flint and steel. And the idea was that we could use something to get fire! Humans have been developing themselves with hunting and fishing many years ago. So, humans were in nature and in human nature, and they have chosen their things in life, and we are using the ideas and the stories when being in the reality today!

The history of the maches started already in China during the 500s. Small pine sticks were dipped in bottles of sulfur, and they were stored to quickly be able to light a lamp in an emergency. This primitive match variant was first called for «Light-bringing slaves», but the name was soon changed when the product had hit the markets. The drawback with this early variant was that one needed a flame to ignite the match. Batch bites were often used, but one was completely dependent on that they kept a hight enough temperature.

It was not before in 1805 that the first sticks that remind us about the modern match, were invented. The French research assistant Jean Chancelt hat made a match where the tip consisted of a mixture of potassium chlorate, sulfur, sugar and gum. To ignite this match, it had to be dipped in asbestos bottles filled with sulfuric acid. This was really dangerous and expensive, and hence the success let wait.

A long number of similar matches were produced over the next 40 years, but it should og some years before the great breakthrough. The first iron match was developed and invented of the Englishman John Walker. But there were some weaknesses in this invention. These matches were improved of the Scottish Sir Isaac Holden in 1829, but he selected not to take patent on this invention. Instead, it was his father that did it, and he produced the product under the name Lucifer. Also Lucifer had many problems. Lucifer marked the start for the mass-produced match, and in the Netherlands one is still using the name Lucifer on matches.

The great breakthrough for the modern matches came in 1844, when the Swedish professor Gustaf Erik Pasch invented a method where he took out the toxic and yellow phosphorus in the match, and replaced it with the well known striking surface of red phosphorus. This method, with a number of improvements through many years, has led to the well known modern match.

Today, we have the modern version of the matches in the shops, and you can buy them there. You can also buy lighters and other igniters to get fire for different things, as cigarettes, bonfires and firrplaces and other things. When making the fire to different things, we can use the matches. The matches can also be used to ignite candles, and you need red phosphorus and a friction area to make the matches getting a flame.

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