From Steem to Hive – All current Delegation Stake in Steem Slowly Migrates to the new chain

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Hi everyone!

It has been quite a long while since our last update since the COVID-19 lock down started, and personally I must say it has been nothing but mountains after mountains of work offline just to get things linked in the Internet for my office that has pretty much deprived my attention to this account.

With that, please accept my sincere apologies

So let’s get back into business since now I have more stationed in the office than at home opportunities with conditional lock-down and keeping myself healthy and safe with Standard Operation Procedure well in place, I can finally try to get back in HIVE and start curating whenever I can.

That being said, what will happen to the STEEM account?

As there are still some of the communities that decided to stay back in Steem (with their personal reasons) and still producing great content there, the account’s SP and the delegated SP there will remain as it is, except some who already pulled out from the delegation support there but remain here.


In order to strengthen this account in HIVE to further support great content creation for this chain, the SP earned there whenever I collected for the day (from curation trail) will be exchanged straight to HIVE with the current exchange rate of the day.
They will be receiving HIVE equivalent value (stated in USD vs STEEM); unless accounts who are opted for HP instead.

What are my further plans to look into contents in HIVE?


This best describes me when I finish work daily now...

There could definitely be a plan further when the HP strength is more accumulated in this account, but right now whenever I have time I will try to hop on to other content creating competitions that might have really good quality at other communities; and every single content created here, the rewards will currently be equally distributed to all the delegators in this time of pandemic. Who knows? Stakeholders on this account may suddenly in need of the HP that they have in hand and will need to withdraw when the hard time comes.

These days, everything is very unpredictable; but as long as we can still brace ourselves with faith and peace in our souls, nothing is impossible until we finally lose our minds (which I think the pressure of authoritarian and lack of freedom for fresh air is testing every person’s boiling point).

All it is here for now. 1% each from this post will be donated to @gtpjfoodbank and @pwdfarmability that are currently working hard offline to help distribute to the poor, and 1% to @null to keep the HIVE chain alive; while the liquidated rewards will be distributed evenly for staked shareholders and delegators for their own rainy day savings in the form of HP.

There's still so much I'd like to share but it always comes and goes so quickly when I am busy at work and my brain just slips away when I am done

Until then

Stay healthy, stay strong, stay sane

HQ @littlenewthings

#dses initiative member.

A technology can come and go; but when a lifestyle is applied to it, it becomes a new revolution.


Jessie, your perseverance on this blockchain is really commendable. I will try to support a little bit for your cause with whatever I have and hopefully this will help you much in return in the future.

Thank you for the support. At trying times everything seems very much confusing at the moment.
Anything that helps to support the community is a great blessing.

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Wow. 6000 upvotes. That is quite a journey! Thank you for your reminder

You are very welcome @dses! It is in fact pretty great! Hive on and stay safe
cheers, liz