Let It Go And Enjoy The Moment!

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Perseverance, Dignity and Making New Happy Memories


Day one in Las Vegas was stressful. It is always frustrating when a big part of your job is to play politics and cater to people's emotions/feelings in lieu of productivity. Things have settled down and I've made enough hours to pay my rent in Oregon and get a ticket out of Vegas. One more week of work and I can pay rent for an additional month. Some come to Las Vegas to play, gamble or lose money; I come to make money.

So each week I am in Las Vegas working, I have the potential to get that much more ahead on rent in Oregon. While money helps with things like bills and food... Returning to work for me is about standing up after being knocked down.


Playing Tourist

Being from Las Vegas, I started to stop appreciating the tiny things that this town offers like:

The Sun


The Pretty Lights


The Inspiring Slogans


The Monuments



The Architecture


The World Famous Las Vegas Strip


It Is About The Journey Not The Destination


I am trying to enjoy the little things. All we leave behind in this world is memories, so why not leave behind beautiful ones?

Have a beautiful day Hive family!


Hope you will have a great time there ✨💕✨🤗✨💕✨

~ahhh little things ✨

We're too busy that we forgot to see happiness in little things!

Take care!

Thank you Jiji! May your traffic lights always be green, your Sky clear blue and your water exceptionally quenching!

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It’s always good to make the best out of each moment. Even when we face difficult days taking the time to appreciate the little things is important. I enjoyed browsing those Vegas pics, thanks for sharing them.

For future reference this post would fit well in the Daily Blog Community as you update us with how your job is going :)

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I hope you continue to get ahead on your rent ~

Ok, I will stop posting in this community esp since a mod is saying I shouldn't post here.

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Take care ~

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So OCD is not a community for original content?

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