Typhoon Odette Fund Raising Update Part 1 Cebu. Thank you HIVE and Volunteers!

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We were able to help 26 Homeless families in Cebu. A total of €200 or P11,000 peso was given to the less fortunate.


If you give, do give only with good intentions, genuinely give with pure heart.



Basic necessities provided to the homeless which includes rice, noodles,canned goods, milk and P100 cash.



We are very thankful with all our hearts for the volunteer coordinators who were able to do grocery shopping, tally of goods to provide and proper distribution to the needy. Volunteers are rewarded too with 2k peso because they deserved it as well.


Here are the screenshots of our conversations by an active volunteer which is a reliable friend of mine who reached out to me. Showing the receipts that I transferred.





Nothing is more happier when you give without asking anything in return. It feels good to be happy and make others happy.



Created a gofundme fundraising project to help the less fortunate.

In addition, I also made 2 posts in HIVE and ask for donations. Here is the first and the second post. 100% of these posts are for people heavily affected by the Typhoon Odette.



Definitely, small steps, small things, small amount and effort can make a huge difference in one's lives.

all photos found here


The next update will be on the Leyte Province contribution.

Without the hive community, friends, acquiantances and workmates we cant do this all, thanks a lot for your concern. We were able to give support, love and joy to those in need.


Thank you so much to everyone who make this project plan happen. May you continue to share kindness and be a blessing to others.

From the Netherlands with love to the Philippines.

~ Rosemarie


Good work.
May God reward you abundantly for your hard work.

Kindness can go a long way. Thanks for the lovely compliment @jaguarosky. Be blessed! 💗

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Walay sapayan, @fernwehninja. Please let me know how I can help sunod 😊 We are doing outreach every year pud together with my college bacthmates. Let us spread love! ❤️

Im glad that we have same interests when it comes to charity projects. Lets connect ;)

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