Authenticity, Emotional Nakedness, Freedom both External and Internal = Free Speech

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As I’m undergoing an emotional and existential evolution at the moment, this whole piece may evoke a transcendental vibe. Brace yourselves. The whole theory may be misplaced. Feel free to share your opinion about anything that will be stated.

What makes a human being what one truly is? Our physical forms are more or less the same when we ignore the little nuances like skin colour or wideness of one’s ass. Therefore the correct answer would probably be something along the lines of one’s “essence”. Such an essence is formed by ones experience, authentic feelings/emotions and honest thoughts/brain processes. Information scientists and psychologists would call this “essence” Endocept. But I don’t feel scientific today. Thus said, I’ll go with essence.

Humans are by nature social animals. Even the biggest introverts need to share their essence from time to time - even when their way of doing so might be sitting silently among others and giving them just their looks. There were times when we didn’t have many options how to socialize ourselves, but today there basically are, in fact I shall say should be, no limits. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


There have always been core instruments natural to human (maybe animal in general) interactions that either help to regulate the information that is being expressed from those essences or that ensure that such an information is not going to be received at all. To state a few instruments: avoidance, confrontation, disregarding, etc. If any essence disseminated information that led to that essence being labelled as fuckin retarded prick that essence was met with few options. It either could continue to disseminate information like that which would subsequently lead to valuable essences disappearing from its life – becoming foreign again. Or it, to an extent, could stop being fuckin retarded prick and stop disseminating such information, or change its way of doing so.

Thus societal islands/bubbles crystalize over time. Like-minded essences find each other, engage in not-so-eternal harmony, and share each other’s presence with the rest. The disharmonious essences meet ostrification. This of course is not a zero sum game. It is up to each of those essences to decide how many (once foreign) essences will be welcomed into one of the existing islands/bubbles or whether they are worth of forming a brand-new and unique island/bubble.

Once one makes it into such an island/bubble, the work has just become. In order to preserve the harmonious state in a mint condition, one has to continuously cultivate it. Therefore the state of the islands/bubbles is never set in stone and is going to change forever. That is how it’s supposed to be. It is another form of self-regulation.

No artificial regulation is going to help anyone. The essence that understand what free flow of emotions and words is are not going to be influenced by such rules and will only follow the natural regulations that are in place from the very creation. All it takes is to realize that the rules are artificial and morally incorrect. Then in analog world, essences can simply ignore those rules. In digital world essence can utilize mathematical encryption and…do the very same thing.

The essences that are lost and need those regulations are going to be forever wondering around in disharmonious relationships playing games full of deception, manipulation and pretention. They will never understand why their relationships are disharmonious and why they can’t find peace of mind. Until one day they may break that cycle and free themselves. It is their realization and hard work that will be needed though. Not regulation, not artificial continuation of disharmonious relationships. The essence needs to become pure on its own. Other essences can only offer helping hands.

I personally devoted last couple of years trying to infect other essences with free natural pureness. My essence is long past the time when it was amused by anything but crystal clear deep pureness anyway. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. In any case my effort led to my vicinity being formed by essences that engage in complete free flow of emotions and words. Free speech in its original form – before it became medialized buzzword.


Very interesting. I'm not sure if im interpreting it correctly but it makes me think that Its as if the world, or at least human society, is made up of ideas and ideologies and that they are all struggling and competing with each orher in an attempt to shape, influence and govern the species as a whole. Some grow and some wither. Some are weak and some are extreme. Some combine with others and some break away and form new groups. Its kind of like natural selection, not with genes but with ideas.
I may not have understood your point but this is what came to mind while reading it.

It’s so very interesting how those metaphorical text may convey different than intended meanings:)

This is not what I meant. So:
a) Society is made up of ideas, ideologies but also emotions and feelings
b) People are struggling competing but also cooperating and having feelings with each other
c) I don’t know how you came up with governance of the whole species. I personally tried to tackle intrapersonal relationships and purpose of communication in them.
d) Those adjectives (grow, wither, etc.) should therefore be applied to those relationships
e) again...not only ideas but feelings too

Does it make more sense now? Anyway I appreciate how well you described what you took from the text:)

That does make sense. I guess my mind mistakenly went in a different direction.

Well as I was just told, meaning of any given text is not determined by its author, rather by observers.

I’m not yet convinced but we can contemplate about that thought:)

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