Today my natural remedy for edema was a big fail

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I looked up how to stop the fluid leaking out of my legs to see if I could do anything myself. There are a lot of ideas. I tried. I failed.

One part did seem to work a bit. I found the advice to scrape off all dead and whitish skin. This holds liquid and is not going to heal. Getting rid of it allows the healthier skin below to have a better chance of becoming healthy.

So I did that and will keep doing it daily. It is a very painful procedure, but definitely helps.

Then I found the idea to mix:

  • coconut oil
  • turmeric
  • clay
  • activated charcoal
  • water

and coat that over the open wounds. Wrap it in gauze, apply pressure with tight socks or pant legs and change this dressing a couple of times a day.

This hurts more than scraping off the skin, the fluid still flows, and my legs are now stained, more painful and red.

I looked again to see this mix should be applied sparingly and with a lot of dilution. I must agree.

Today I will get more gauze and keep trying, but I feel a bit discouraged.

This is one of my shoes with liquid from my leg soaking it after just a short walk. The sock is also soaked through. What could be more gross?


How I am going to get myself to Bangkok on Saturday is a mystery I hope I solve. I'm working on the most convenient options instead of the cheapest like I normally pick. This is done between sleeping on and off throughout each day and night. Praying for strength and courage now.

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I hope things improve for you soon.

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I dealt with that situation for almost 3 years ... the biggest part of the problem was that needing to be up and around during the day created pressure on the skin as the fluid built up on the legs.

I bathed the area regularly with baking soda and warm water while keeping the area wrapped so the gauze pads could soak up the seeping fluid. I didn't do any scraping. Anything that sloughed off on it's own did so when I was bathing the area.

One thing I discovered I was doing was often not bending my knees and ankles when I walked. That action helps to keep circulation going and acts as a pump to move the fluid back up through the system. Once my attention was drawn to it, I was actually surprised how often I would catch myself keeping moving to a minimum with that leg. It was like I was instinctively favouring it when I should have been making it do its job.

I started and still regularly have cups of warm water with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, both of which are a natural diuretic.

It was a long haul but I eventually woke one morning to discovered that what had been gradually decreasing had indeed healed over. Since then I make sure the area is not allowed to get dry skin which could crack open. I use a cream called "Udderly Smooth" which I have found to be the most effective.

Being a redhead, I have to be super careful of anything that goes on my skin.

It's a miserable time going through that. Wouldn't wish it on anyone.

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Wow! thank you for sharing your story and giving all this good info, @shadowspub. I will pay attention to my gait. I hope I don't go 3 years with this and will try all your ideas. It does seem to be getting "a bit" better, but it floods each time I walk. So annoying and scary.

@fitinfun I hope you get relief soon, this edema thing is terrible. I was hoping you would be over it by now. Prayers for you to heal.

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I feel for you Sharon. Prayers go out to you

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