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RE: The OCD community

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Your continuous effort to make a hive a better place is appreciated. Most of my activities on the chain has been built around stemsocial. I have been able to mentor and build a decent number of stem writers from Nigeria many of which have grown to become veteran contributors to the hive ecosystem. When things were still rosy in terms of price, the stemng discord use to boast of decent level of activities unlike what we have now.

I will love to apply as one of the curators of ocd. I've been curating for stemsocial close to 4 years now. I've got eyes for great contents that are not necessarily stem related and I also believe that the experience accruable from mentoring newbies will come handy in order to be effective in the position.

Need I say that my motivation is not based on rewards. Rather, it is out of passion to make the hive blockchain a better place. I just love what ocd has been doing and would consider it an honor to be part of it.