Sunrise and sunset pics from my studio!

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I sleep mostly during day time and be awake at night time cos I'm more productive at night. Cos of that, I mostly miss the sunset and sunrise but when I don't, I take the chance to take photos of the sky.

Here are some of the view that I managed to capture lol:

I have windows that face both East and West, so I can basically see the sunrise and the sunset. (Lucky!) :p These are the sunrise!







And these are from the other side, and sunsets:






That being shared, I feel lucky to be able to see these views everyday. Just hope the neighbors won't build something in the next few months/years. 🤣


Guessing they're are a lot of banana plantations outside your window I have seen it before when you were trying to showcase your studio immediately you finished it sometimes ago.

I've actually done a post almost similar to this in the past and it was totally beautiful.

I appreciate sunrise or sunset or dusk and you know a beautiful landscape and the structure and the clouds it is always so beautiful.

In my observation your house is totally surrounded by plants and this will be totally pleasant especially if you need natural air. Surprisingly I can't even tell which is East or West but it is beautifully captured I didn't know if you added some edits to this one but I could tell you took this with your iPhone if I'm not so wrong?

I love the ones that had the tincture of red and a little bit of black it was as if they was flames and the clouds and there was this beauty it's actually portrayed.

you're right about productivity I think in the night time is when we are actually more functional especially for people who are totally creative the day is like a distraction to the mind and the night is when the mind is free of encumbrances. Sweet shots, hope you are doing well?

They aren't banana plantation (for commercial business or those big productions) but they are just a vacant lot that happened to have banana trees before the village was built.. And they aren't that many either lol it's just probably 10-20 and other plants around, basically the vacant lot looks like a forest. I even heard my dad say there's an owl every night LOL.

Yeah, natural air is very fresh. Although we are still in the city area and just outside the village is like a whole new civilization again, the air is really fresh and cool cos of the plants around.

I only added some basic editing for them just to enhance the photo cos I want it to look like the one I see in person.

I've read an article about day and night people actually exist, like it's in their body. The reason for this is our human instincts are naturally there for survival, just like how we do in the old times. There are people who are naturally morning people and there are those for night to be able to watch ourselves for danger 24/7. But of course we are in the modern times and we don't need that anymore, but it is still evident that that instinct is still here and the reason why some people are just really productive at certain times. I didn't do any further research tho haha so don't know if legit but it makes sense.

I'm doing well, hope you are too!

Many beautiful photos 💜

Thank you! They are indeed such a beautiful sight <3

I just love this kind of photos. It is so good to be able to see the sky in so many different colors.

Good work, @hiddenblade.

The view you have is beautiful!