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RE: grand opening giveaway - custom-designed Hive gear & apparel for Hivians!

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Hey, what do you think about a "Refer A Friend" For a chance to win a Hive T-shirt idea? It could be that anyone who refers a friend with the site, and the friend would have to create one post in order to be eligiible for a chance to win a t-shirt.....maybe both the referrer and the friend each win a t-shirt, thereby showing the idea of "helping a friend is a win-win' thing to do..we would buy the shirt of course, just looking for some feedback...
what are your thoughts on this?


I'm absolutely open to this, I love what you guys are doing to onboard new people to the community and grow Hive awareness. However we can help, we're in!

Perhaps DM on Twitter or Discord so we can discuss further? 😄

sounds great. will do soon!