grand opening giveaway - custom-designed Hive gear & apparel for Hivians!

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Hey Hivians! I'm happy to announce my latest side project, is a Hive-themed apparel & swag shop that accepts orders paid exclusively with cryptocurrencies!

We currently accept Hive and HBD, as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few others.

Huge shoutout to @roomservice - he developed the WooCommerce/Hive integration that was used for this website to accept Hive and HBD as payment. We learned about this from his post here:

I also want to give a massive shoutout to @doze for his artwork contributions that were used to create the current swag available - his designs are fantastic, and it truly shows he takes pride in what he does. Give him a follow and show some love because he deserves it!


Browse at:

Giving Back

I decided to build as a little side project since I'm falling deeper and deeper into Hive lately (bought another 2500 a few nights ago hahaha). I figured I'd start somewhere small in terms of giving back to the community/contributing something. will be donating 10% of all net profits to a charity of the Hive community's choice - if you have a suggestion, please post it as a comment on this post OR visit this post and drop a comment. We'll run a Twitter poll once we have some choices to pick from, and they will receive 10% of all net for the life of this store.

Grand-Opening Discount

We are offering the community a 10% discount on EVERYTHING storewide starting now - 6/8/20 (Monday) at Noon (12:00) PST.

Use discount code: hellohive10

for 10% off your cart order (excluding shipping).

We ship worldwide, however, due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, order processing times are longer than usual (our suppliers have a 7-14 day lead time at the moment 🙃).

Grand-Opening Giveaway


Browse at: is offering a free Rainbow Brushstroke Hive tee to one lucky winner! Simply upvote, comment, and reblog this post for a chance to win. The winner will be chosen at random upon post payout (6/12/20 @ about 5:30 PM CST).

The winner will have their choice of shirt color + size (most of our products offer 5-8 color variants + 5 sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large, and 2XL).

Also please note that ALL of our apparel is unisex, so have no fear, ladies - our Hive gear will fit you too!

Contact Us:

We can be found on the following channels:

Hive: @HiveSwag or @nulledgh0st
Email: [email protected]

Good luck, everyone -- Keep calm, and hive on!


My personal Discord is: nulledgh0st#8704

Find me on Twitter:



Thanks @nulledgh0st for your kind words! :)
All sucess to this new and fresh project! 👍

Thank YOU for all of your hard work! You did such a great job.

I've found my new designer moving forward 😍

eheheh 👍

Dang, no fat man sizes lol

Lemme know when you get some bigger sizes, I'll grab a tshirt for sure.

Whatchu need homie? Let me know and I'll get it up! I just stuck w/ S-2XL initially, but not hard to add more!

I'm at least 3x lol Tall and wide...Double whammy lol

Gimme 10 mins! ;)

Which one(s) were you looking at? Going to take me a little more than 10 minutes haha :P so I'll start with what you need!



Paid with HBD!

#1 confirmed completion! You da best 😎

Looks like you got it up already. the black regular hive logo.

this cracked me up

Hey, what do you think about a "Refer A Friend" For a chance to win a Hive T-shirt idea? It could be that anyone who refers a friend with the site, and the friend would have to create one post in order to be eligiible for a chance to win a t-shirt.....maybe both the referrer and the friend each win a t-shirt, thereby showing the idea of "helping a friend is a win-win' thing to do..we would buy the shirt of course, just looking for some feedback...
what are your thoughts on this?

I'm absolutely open to this, I love what you guys are doing to onboard new people to the community and grow Hive awareness. However we can help, we're in!

Perhaps DM on Twitter or Discord so we can discuss further? 😄

sounds great. will do soon!

this is amazing, i just went through the process, and the design of this site is perfect!

Thank you kindly!

Sweet!! Nice stuff. I’ll start saving some hive.

Don't worry, I'm scrounging up my pennies too xD

I want like 1 of each of everything in all colors lmao

Do you have xl tall sizes?

We have XL, and I checked with our screen printers and they said that we could order"tall" sizes, so you should be good. Just leave a note when you order (there's an order notes section on checkout).

If for some reason it isn't what you expect/doesn't fit, we're more than happy to send a replacement or a full refund :) We stand by what we offer!

Hey, this is a beautiful shop, I wish you the very best :)
I wish to ask if you ship to Greece and also if this is for women

I love the giveaway idea!

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Thank you for the kind words!

We do ship to Greece, definitely - we'll ship pretty much anywhere in the world (even if we have to pack it on horseback or camels to deliver it 🤣).

Also, great question in regards to fit - all apparel designed is "unisex", so the hive tanks will work out great for women and men.

Let me know if you have any more questions or need help!

Great! I will check out how an order is made a little bit later (Maybe Monday)
Just a note, the discount is only applied for orders over 25$
Also, you have an Instagram account, but you have not added at the website
If you are thinking of creating also a Facebook page, you can add 'shop' via the page and also connect it to Instagram :)

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Thank you for pointing these few things out - I've gone ahead and fixed the coupon error!

Also, I'll have to show some love to our Instagram today 😁

Pretty great stuff you have there! It's a great start to see a sort of marketplace for all things HIVE, and maybe it'll turn into a sort of Etsy or Makersplace for Hivers too. I think it's neat to experiment with the idea of a central store that could let users sell merchandise, artwork, photos, etc.

And hey, I might even have some Norman's Exclusive Bathwater up for sale. Complete with your daily dose of bacteria and dead skin XD...

It's funny you mention the idea of a marketplace because that is another idea that's on the table currently for the future. We're considering allowing other designers/creators to "list" their goods on the site in the future, effectively creating a marketplace.

A small fee would be deducted for operating/growing the marketplace, but it would be a great place for others to come and buy/sell tangible goods while exchanging crypto.

Edit: 🤣🤣 stranger things have been sold before!

Hey, that's great to hear that it's being worked on! A lot of users here have made wonderful stuff, so being able to sell them to aide their work is even better! Allowing different categories, limited-edition runs, or seeing your other Hivers stuff for sale would be neat, indeed!

Fees would naturally be charged, but I wonder if its worth it to have each item sold be imprinted on the Hive chain. I don't know what it's called, but I've seen this before, where goods sold are logged onto the chain for transparency's sake, as Blockchains so. Maybe Hive could have that, as well?

Edit: stranger things have been sold before!

Mate... Don't get me started. I'm already getting plenty of bad ideas running in my head right now XD

I've just registered -- get ready for new happenings ;)

Also yes, VeChain does something similar to this -- I worked with a client last year that was part of their system that was being integrated into the ecosystem. It's an authenticity / serializing addon to the blockchain - essentially, all goods would be "serialized" and would have a unique serial # on the blockchain that would be traceable for life (ownership transfers, previous sale prices, you name it).

you're the exact person we have been needing, someone who knows exactly how to execute ideas in design-centric way....thank. you for existing!

😁 thank you kindly! Just trying to find a meaningful way to bring something new to the ecosystem 😎

Ah yes, that's what it's called. It's an awesome idea when I first read about it. So, HiveSwag might have something similar to this as well?

Also, I'm achingly curious to see what's is about... Tell us your secrets!

Unfortunately, we don't have anything like that at this point - although it would be great to integrate one day! We'd have to take that request to some of our more seasoned devs here on Hive 😁

As for HiveBay -- SOON, I promise! A spark of inspiration hit yesterday and I decided to start another project ahah.

Cheers, it'll be neat to have a serial system embedded to keep logs of stuff/merchandise that's been sold, just as it has done to keep track of all the content that people post. Ah, blockchain is such a wonderful thing... Something certainly to work on the future :-D

I keenly await news on HiveBay...

Redbubble is a great example......create a space where artists can upload their own designs, then you won't have to do the designing, only the managing of the selling.....artists don't want to manage, they want to create!

Cool. Any chance you’ll add TALL size t-shirts to the mix?

This amazing. It will make things a bit more easier and more chance of engaging hive in the market. Great project

This is fantastic news for Hive. Congratulations on getting this up and running. It all looks fantastic

awesome work! love the rainbow one on black!

Amazing work! This was super fast integration too. Looking forward to trying this out!

Swagger! Who designed these? Your designer deserves a raise.

I hope I can win some sweet, sweet Hive swag.

I retweeted you, too! Spread the word.

@doze is the one with the artistic ability! He does some amazing work. Give him a follow!

This is amazing the art t-shirts are incredible. I would like to see in a future some arts of Hive artist on your shirts.

We're actually considering hosting some sort of art/design contest, with the winner having their design added to the store + paid a commission on all future sales of it. We'll keep the community informed if we end up going forward with this!

There is a lot of talented people here and see their printed designs on a T-shirt would be awesome.

Any plans on accepting USD?

We can via custom invoice, shoot an email to [email protected] and we'll work that out for you! (no Stripe integration on the site as of yet).

Keep Calm and HIVE ON

I’ll redirect anyone who is interested in your products.

Good luck with your project

Awesome 👏! I’d buy one right now but that international shipping to Japan, they aren’t accepting packages from many countries. When things calm down I’m all over this. When I need help integrating that plug in I’m gonna holla.

if can't power up more hive surely you are the culprit. 😁😁😁 nice stuff and cool way to spend your hive/Hbd

oh good project good luck for you.
me is a Books designer and I liked your designs .

Good luck and success ahead

Hey, are the sizes in mens or womens? ah i see the answer below, it's unisex sizes then...

Yep! We'll have to make this clearer on the site - we appreciate people going through and providing feedback!

yeah, because a unisex, XL, well, we don't know if that is a mens XL or womens XL. I'd suggest having womens and mens sizes both to avoid confusion.

Solid points indeed - we'll work on tidying this up so it's friendlier for visitors!

This is such a beautiful initiative and I love those tee.

good initiative for network promotion

That's a bunch of cool things!

Awesome site. Best of luck, and thank you for the oppurtunity with the giveaway!

LOVELY - Nice and great to see community grow. Nice work!

Cool stuff. I had a look and the checkout seemed to have a few crypto options, but not Hive. Is that being adding. Not a big deal as it's easy enough to exchange them.

Hive is integrated - simply select the Hive option :)Hivepayments.PNG

Silly me, I missed that :)

Great to see the store, I will probably spend some of my HIVE after my next STEEM powerdown and conversion.

Haha, thank you! We'll be here when you decide you're ready for some #HiveSwag 😎

Everyone that's ordered already, your orders are processing as we speak!

We can't wait for everyone to receive their Hive goodies -- please, share some pics and tag @HiveSwag (or even me) -- we definitely want to see HiveSwag in the wild!

Thank you all for the support thus far ❤️

My great wish to wear hive shirt. Super shop wishes...

Looking forward to getting some Hive swag soon.

Great initiative

good to see product is payable in HIVE

@dashpay - so far only BCH avalaible

@shopinbit - integrate for the European market?

Awesome fair play for starting this store