Head to Head!

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This is just a bit of freewriting of my feelings and thoughts about Hive and what's going on with steem.
It's funny to see how Hive and Steem are bouncing around each other on the rankings. Although I gotta admit the volume of Hive is painfully low, actually much lower than I would have expected after a number of exchanges opened up for trading Hive.

I also think that Steem probably has a bit price manipulation going on, or the very least Justin Sun is dragging in some larger investors behind the scene. Regardless it is safe to say what we see on Steemit/the steem blockchain is straight-up some dark dystopian thing. Here are a few things I've noticed:

Most people who writes something with hive are getting blacklisted from all front-ends. Since it's only loyalists of Justin the nodes are controlled by him. So one might even get blacklisted on eg. steempeak.

Poloni... what?!

When you want to sell your Steem, you are now getting directed to... you guessed it! Poloniex with trade between STEEM/TRX. I mean, I guess it makes sense given the circumstances. It just took me off guard when I am used to trading steem through @blocktrades.

Of course when I trade I still manually go through there. There's no way I will be selling any steem through that shit exchange of Poloniex lol. The only actual exchange I have some sort of trust in is Bittrex, so they are the once I stick to.

Personally I really don't mind the price getting pumped on steem a bit, gives me more time to get out. I think I have enough Hive, hovering over 50k. So I probably gonna take some "profit" off steem since I did, in fact, buy most of my steem at 14cents and maybe put my money into other projects I believe could work out great. (I have a crush on ETH).

It also seems like Steemit is using its stake to vote loyalists. So yeah, this could almost make a good movie of some dark dystopian regime takeover. It's gonna be interesting to see if steem is, in fact, gonna rise in price or if it eventually will lose its "steam" and fall flat on its face. Regardless I will probably not be around to witness any of it. By the time I will have sold all my steem and be happy with investments I believe in.

Edit: Also recently it seems like that the new steem witnesses is creating a fork to freeze certain accounts. What accounts seems unknown but it looks like some of those who didn't support Justin are about to get attacked. What a shit show.

How are you guys feeling about the whole situation? Do you feel like Hive has a shot at being successful?


We're in a certain situation that neither we can say good by steemit nor except hive properly without doubt, this is going to be a fifty-fifty chances to output but not sure two blockchain now running their prices parallel!

Who knows what the future holds for this both two. But I am damn sure Justin is definitely manipulalating steem to be better than hive

I have heard of that planned soft fork to freeze some accounts´ wallets. If that happens, I will have no words (read enough insults) to express myself...

It would be unheard of, and it probably will be.

Yeah they did freeze the funds on several accounts. @blocktrades, @roelandp, @darthknight, just to name a few.

Can you imagine how darthknight must feel, he just powered up millions like a few weeks ago and now they have frozen it. I would be lawyering up.

I believe I read that they froze the funds on any account with over 1 million SP voting for non-sockpuppet witnesses.

No I cannot even imagine how they feel now... It just makes me super sad and angry at the same time. I just hope karma gets that communist piece of shit really hard.

What Sun did to Steem seems like a direct transcript of George Orwell's book 1984 with Sun being the party leader aka Big Brother, the all-seeing eye.

Lol the saddest thing is there some truth to it

Ruuuuuuuun :D

Awaaaay simba

This whole thing is just ridiculous now. Can we just get a law suit going and get this asshole put in jail or something please.

ahh and calm...

Anyways, Everything that happenes on steem just makes Hive more appealing, soon the unsure people will start leaving and all that will be left are the farmers and low quality trash that we don't want here anyways.

As for other projects, (warning shameless coin shilling inbound, feel free to ignore)
On project you could look into that might be interesting is Gridcoin, It's really a micro coin only 1mil market cap, but it's got a solid admirable use case, Rewarding contributions to science via BOINC, Got a awesome active dev team and community. Just tends to sit under the radar.

/End Shameless coin shilling

I'm telling you this is just gonna be mud slinging if this fork goes through.

Anyways, let's see how it goes! I will probably not invest into another small coin. Mine is steem/hive and that's enough! Probably playing more safe on some of the bigger coins. Or even gold.