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Fun fact, as we contact a niche community recently and offered our voting support to it, the leader was hesitant ...

Such a strange leader that must have been ... :-)

With the current rules of the blockchain and its curation there's no solution to this other than directing the maximizers and allowing them to vote on posts before us which means giving them even more of an advantage and the rest of us getting an even lower piece of the rewardpool pie ...

Right ... that's why I pleaded for a linear curation curve (with all its advantages and disadvantages - we already discussed that before ...).

Apart from all that: thanks for your great efforts!


Yeah, going back to linear or a little closer to it might not be the worst idea nowadays, especially with downvotes to disincentivize bot voting on any content. People are afraid it might remove the incentives to go out and find newcomers or centralize stake in very few curation projects again since so much of it is already very passive. Dunno a good solution for it right now to be honest, there would need to be a lot of testing and simulation crafting before we make any big decisions for a future hardfork.

Yeah, going back to linear or a little closer to it might not be the worst idea nowadays ...

I mean that could be reasonable at least for the curation rewards curve (not to punish late manual upvoters anymore) ... the author rewards curve could stay convergent linear (to make sure that self-votes aren't that profitable).

Full linear can be abused too, (think of voting at 6D 23H 59M and 59S) .We need linear curve for first 24 hour afterwards it can go nonlinear.
First 24 H liner curve will bring more interaction an less abuse.

We are having a cooldown period of 12 hours (read for example here), which means that voting exactly at the end of the seven day window wouldn't be reasonable anyway, but voting earlier would allow counter flags, so that I don't see any problems with a linear curation curve.

That post is pure math that I was searching earlier. Thanks