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RE: Hitting and missing life milestones

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Hello @tarazkp

Interesting thoughts on how to see the future. Yesterday I went, accompanied by my wife, to a shopping center and we stopped at a store to ask for a bottle of vitamin supplement. The clerk, very kind, answered us that the product was offered in two modes. One for adult, I immediately thought, this is ours, but instantly she said the other presentation was for people over fifty. Right away my wife and I looked at each other. I guess we smile behind our masks because of the expression in our eyes. Self-perception sometimes does not go with reality, although I regularly think that the assumption of age is only an attitude problem that is confronted with the results of the type of life you lead.

You're right, future-based goals are being reconfigured as you go down the road.


While age is just a number, unfortunately the body still degrades, regardless of mindset.

Our of curiosity, which did you buy?

None! We prefer fruits and vegetables as a source of vitamins, without forgetting the sun's rays. We only asked out of curiosity. But if he had bought it, it would be the one over fifty. LOL

It is definitely best to get them naturally if possible.

Perhaps if I dress like a teen, I will feel like one :)

Maybe my friend. But surely if you eat them that way it will be. Remember the Greek adage: you are what you eat. For fruits and vegetables, the fresher the better. Freshness can be a synonym for youth.

Fresh food is something I miss from Australia, since half the year, nothing really grows here. An apple shouldn't be 8 months old.

For sure! Moving from the southern hemisphere to northern Europe is quite a radical change in many respects. Sure, Finland will have its own charms, if you weren't still in Australia.

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