[Idle games] The Perfect Tower Review

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~ The Qbes Attack! ~

Hello people! So recently I got into a game called "The Perfect Tower" I saw it in the "Tower defense" games in Kongregate and decided to take a look, it seems that this game is not just a tower defense game, but an Idle game too, I played for a little while and stopped, without further ado let's talk about TPT by FireSword studio.


So the game starts you in a tutorial, like a standard tower defense game, you got your tower and little cubes attacking it, you buy upgrades for the tower the more cubes your tower destroy, Pretty standard for a tower defense game.


The thing gets complicated after that first game, you unlock the city, a beautiful cube city and in here you use your gains from the waves to permanently increase your attack, defense and other stats, plus other stuff the lab where you can research stuff, the factory that gives you gains offline the truly Idle parts of the game, and the headquarters where you can reset the whole game to gain more power and unlock stuff by the headquarter tier.HQT
The game is fun... at first the tower defense part is really good i like it ... until you get every permanent buff and you enter the "Active Idle" part which is press new round and leave the game to farm alone that part is really meh to me although I love how you can see the cubes get evaporated, but if you are in the last part the game lags so much that you can't see the cubes get destroyed :(

Cube and Cube World Design

So... Cubes... yeah... Some sprites are cute, maybe you can look for an ice cube, has a coolest view.


No story here, can't find the cube root of the problem.


No song from Geometry Dash so a big disappointment or something from ice cube, lost potential.

Final thoughts

What? That's it? well... yeah, the game is super duper simple in visuals and concept, it get's a little abstract with the whole cube town stuff, but really theres a Pretty guide that if you follow the game gets easily beaten fair and square I mean the game has over 2 years now, so the people have it figured out now.

Now FireSword studio has finished TPT and they have been developing TPT2 right now they have a closed beta and by the looks is not entirely made of squares, although it looks minimalist still which is fine by me.
I'd give it a 2cubed/10 nothing too cubestatic but still a passable experience.

See ya until later guys!
The Perfect Tower is owned by FireSword studios
Sources: All the pics where taken directly from the game by me
Except the last one: The Perfect Tower 2 page
FireSword studios Discord
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No tendra historia el juego pero una se la crea con la imaginación del ocio xDD no? no?

xDD Supongo? es que es tan directo el juego que no te deja ni crearla, y creeme lo intenté, hay un super boss llamado CUBOS un... cubo... gigante xD espero que el 2 tenga ALGO de historia