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Hi beautiful people! I am Sha. It's me Hi! I'm the problem it's me—these are the lyrics of Taylor Swift's hit song entitled "Anti-Hero." Yes! I am one of the millions of "Swifties," or Taylor Swift fans. Who can relate? 🤹‍♀️


I opt to use the screen name "Journeywithsha" because my life is a journey. As Srikanth Mahankali says Life is a journey. It’s one of the most famous phrases that we hear in our lives. It’s true because, in life, we face many heartaches. And there are also many more joys that make our hearts pleasant. It’s not a destination for happiness or sadness, but a continuous journey to experience every aspect of this life.

My life story

Hello, again Hivers!
I'm Sha, short for Sharon; I guess my mother is a fan of Sharon Cuneta, which is why she gave me this name.
So it’s been said, "Life is a journey." As I look back on my life, it has had many rough roads. I was an orphan at the age of nine. My mother passed away when we were still very young. My sister was just 2 years old at that time. Coping with loneliness and fear at a very young age was hard and challenging for me.

Back then, I had my father and my sister, so the family decided to move into my grandmother's house. My father is not showy, so for every activity, I had in school, it was always my grandmother who would go up on stage to put the ribbon and medal on me until I graduated high school. My life indeed is a like roller coaster ride. After I graduated high school, I chose to be away from my family. I decided to be in Manila to work, as well as to study in college. It was not easy being a student and a part-time employee. I encountered a lot of challenges. I was assigned as a housekeeper in the convent. It was quite a tough job, especially if you didn't know when and how to start cleaning. It's also not just about cleaning; we have rules to follow. There was one time when my boss wiped dirt on my face, but I still didn't give up. I worked hard and loved my work. That was my routine for five long years. My work started at 6 in the morning and finished at 3 in the afternoon. After my shift, I headed directly to attend my classes. It usually ended at 11 p.m. Until I graduated and received my college diploma. I am thankful that I had overcome all the struggles and challenges that came my way. I hope I've inspired you as I tell you that all problems will end. Let go and let God.

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The Reason I am here

I got interested in this platform when a friend of mine, @eeventuree, introduced me to it, and eventually, @sassy.cebuana, her sister, met us up. Thanks to them for giving us a spare of their time to share with us how this was going to work. I am happy that this platform will give you chances to learn new things, get new ideas, meet other people, and interact with them.

Dear reader, I invite you to join me on an expedition—a voyage we can experience together. Journey along as we explore the course I set out on: hills, valleys, the rocky, and the steady.


Journeywithsha, as she has a lot to offer with her journey of life, travel, food, and faith.
Keep tuned. Thank you for your time and reading.


Welcome journeywithsha! If you love travel check out @travelfeed / :)

Welcome to Hive Sha! :) Grabeh very good kaau. Sunod2 gyud mong tulo ^^,

Anyways, If you have any questions about hive feel free to ask me or eve:)

Thank you so much 😊

You are welcome @journeywithsha
You are welcome to the most reliable hive community blockchain . Looking forward to what you have for us. Enjoy yourself,don't plagiarize and explore. Best of luck!

Welcome to HIVE, girl! 🤎

Thank you 😊

Hi teh! It’s me,I’m the problem it’s me charot!didn’t expect you can turn out this well #afamsecretary 😂

Welcome to hive, gurl! This is it na jud. Hehe

Hello @journeywithsha ! This is @jcrodriguez from the @OCD team.

Congratulations for making your presentation post to the community. 😊

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I wish you much success in Hive

Welcome to hive Sha, it's me Sasha lol 😂

Thank you 😊

YAAASSSS welcome to Hive world, Sha!!!😘😍😊😁Enjoy blogging and see yah around the block chain (or IRL)😙

Thank you 😄


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