Becoming Woke

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Becoming Woke

Source: AI Face Generator

Today I identify as an Indian woman. I am Konda, a gender / ethnic / object fluid entity. I say I'm an entity because maybe one day I'll identify as an object...

I make the rules here...

Being woke is something we all should strive for, you can be anything you want when you want and there are some awesome benefits. Such as, California is looking to pass proposition 16 so that means anytime they chose to give an advantage to a certain population, I can identify as that so I can get the benefit as well.

Like I said, I make my own rules, if you can choose a gender you can choose anything. Facts are a fantasy, just like the world we woke people live in :)

Woke Trevor Noah

These guys here have no idea what they are talking about and Trevor Noah gets it. I don't get why anyone celebrates a baby's genitalia... So why do we have gender reveal parties? Our children could end up identifying as an Indian woman like me, they may come out of the womb woke like Konda.

I know this may be confusing, if you're confused you're not woke... keep watching CNN and eventually you'll understand. Gender is an outdated concept, and soon so will race. Luckily AI solves for that, as you can see I can generate any face I want and be that. It's pretty cool, check it out here!

I bet you thought that was a real person in my thumbnail huh? Well, it's not! It's a real artificial object, just like Konda! I bet now you're beginning to understand...

Path to Becoming Woke

It's not an easy path, sometimes you may feel conflicted with false realities you were taught in school but luckily some teachers are teaching our kids that there are no genders. Next, I hope people understand why I feel there are no races either and don't discriminate against me as an Indian woman.

The democratic party gets it and thank goodness for them. If you don't understand what it is to be woke, I don't have time to explain it to you, you're just going to have to DYOR.

As I'm writing this post I actually just morphed into a new object comrades. Take a look at me now!

Source: AI Face Generator

What do you want to be?

Think about the message here, and be whoever you want!

It's a lot of fun and like I said, our fellow social justice warriors are fighting the good fight to reverse laws so we can begin to discriminate against races again.

So I hope you're prepared for some new identities that will help you take advantage of the situation should they pass.

If you down-vote this post you are a Nazi! Thanks for stopping by and stay woke guys!


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I can't wait to see who or what you'll identify as tomorrow Konda! Stay woke! @tipu curate 3

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