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RE: So What’s The Criteria For A Quality Post? - How Curators Make Their Selections...

in OCD6 days ago

There is some great info here. Its a really nice reminder post. The great thing about Hive is that there are more quality post on here then say, Steemit for example. Authors on Hive put in a good effort it seems, for the most part. Its not like Steem where at times, the community seemed to be made up of people in a race to suck the reward pool dry. Thousands of single pictures accompanied by a paragraph of writing, all making doubledigit sums of money. I don't see that on Hive very often which is awesome. Keep up the good quality work Hivers!!!!

 6 days ago 

Thank you @leaky20 I am glad you feel that way about the post :)

I definitely agree about there being more quality posts here compared to on Steemit. I go through hundreds of posts every week and unfortunately there are probably a lot more of the one photo posts that gets published here than you think. When you’re not looking for them you won’t see them as much. Being apart of a curation group my job is to sift through these posts picking out the ones with effort which means I see quite a bit of the low effort ones.

This is one of the reasons I felt this post was needed to try to change the things we were seeing. I felt if people knew what we looked for and the things that caused us to pass over posts that it would hopefully motivate them to put forth a little more effort in their work :)

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment ~

I have heard that so many times of late - 'Steem's where they go for getting what they can/raping reward pool' but 'Hive's where they put their quality content'. That makes me feel all warm inside!