The beauty of the Seven Angels Waterfall tourism

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Beautiful nature offers tranquility and pleasure for tourists. For those who come to Aceh Province, beautiful tourist attractions are waiting and the name is Waterfall 7 (Seven) Angels. The location is in the District of Geureudong Pase and is an area of ​​North Aceh Regency. The distance is about 51 km from Lhokseumawe City and offers beautiful scenery that tourists can enjoy during the holidays. Actually, the waterfall consists of 7 levels and each has different characteristics and heights.

Surrounding environment


Once tourists arrive at the location, they might see beautiful nature that features fresh air, peaceful atmosphere, the soothing sound of a waterfall, and clear water. The waterfall comes from Suak River and Pase and can attract people to enter it and enjoy bathing. Some river stones are also seen on the location, where tourists can use them to relax and sit. In addition, the atmosphere is quiet because the waterfall is located in the middle of the forest. Not surprisingly, this atmosphere helps everyone to relieve stress while spending time there.

Exploring the Seven Angels Waterfall


What can tourists do at the Seven Angels Waterfall? The most popular activity is relaxation. As mentioned earlier, this waterfall is surrounded by lush nature including dense trees and a soothing atmosphere. Spending a few minutes at the Seven Angels Falls helps everyone get rid of stress immediately. Thanks to a remote location. Not many people are seen there so it is a good place to escape from a busy and stressful life. To enjoy it, tourists can come alone or with close friends and family.

The next fun activity is to enter the pool and enjoy the soothing water. The best time to take a shower or play in water is definitely in the morning (when the water feels fresh). One thing, tourists must watch their steps because of some slippery stones. Another important tip is that they must carry extra clothing. For parents with children, they must pay close attention to children when bathing. Make sure children do not go into the deep waters accidentally.

Here's another idea. Tourists can enjoy unique activities called motor trailing. That's because the route to this location has challenging scenery, which is great for doing activities. The problem is, tourists have to spend more money to rent motorbikes. As an alternative, they can bring one and drive it directly on their way. Later, they can visit the famous Command Barracks which is also near the waterfall.

Travel or Route to the Seven Angels Waterfall

From Banda Aceh City, it takes about 3 hours to reach the Seven Angels Waterfall. For those who come from Lhokseumawe City, they only need to spend about 1 hour. After arriving at Geureudong Pase, they can go directly to the location by renting a motorcycle or hiring a tour guide.



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Aceh, 04 Juni 2020


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