Autumn berries: Barberry

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Hi everybody!

The time has come for autumn berries. While walking, I took some pictures of wild barberry bushes. Very colorful berries. I appreciated the visual beauty of the berries.


These pictures are without correction.



They write a lot about the benefits of the berry. They are consumed fresh, dried and frozen. They are also used for the preparation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, jams, marmalade, original seasonings.

Barberry contains vitamins (A, C, E, group B), carotene, alkaloids, pectins, tannin, organic acids (tartaric, malic, citric), carbohydrates (fructose, glucose, sucrose, fiber), tannins, essential oils. The calorie content of fresh fruits is 30 kilocalories per 100 grams.

Warning! Only ripe fruits of barberry can be eaten. Unripe berries are very poisonous. The ripe fruit of barberry should have an elongated, elliptical berry of red or black color
Excessive consumption of barberry, in addition to benefits, can be harmful.


For these shots I used a diffuser filter.
P9200027 (2).jpg


Original photos by @leylar
The photos were taken by OLYMPUS E-M1 Lens M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm 1:2.8 PRO


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