My first hello to Hive community!

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Hi Hive community!
I am Ly (you can call me Lily) and I’m from Vietnam. I was a trader in the stock market before but now I’m working in IT business as an IT Business Analyst. It took me quite a long time to explore where I should live and what I should do. I will tell you about it.
I was born in 1990, in a small village in Quang Nam province, in the Central of Vietnam. My hometown is covered by two rivers, one is Thu Bon, and the second is Vu Gia river. Thanks to the alluvial soil from these two rivers, most of the people here live by growing rice, sweet potatoes, and vegetables… I still remember my childhood with the whole day spent on the rice field and helping my parents with harvesting rice and drying it under the sunlight.








When I grew up, when it came to choosing a university for developing a career, I just followed my peer friends, chose the most famous university - Banking University and moved to the biggest city of the country. After 4 years of studying, I graduated Banking and Finance major , got 2 years of experience in working as a financial analyst for an investment firm, and spent 6 years in total living in Saigon. With a dream job which gave me the opportunity to approach the craziness of the financial market and a big amount of money each month, I thought that I may get used to the hustle and bustle living style but then I found that it was not right for me. Emptiness was the feeling I had every night at that time, I didn’t see any meaning in what I did throughout the day. That’s why I decided to change my path.

I got one gap year doing nothing related to my major. I spent that year discovering other cities, other areas as well as other people. The more places I traveled to, the more precious moments in life I got back. It reminded me of the moment when I was on the highest pass in North West Vietnam - O Quy Ho pass. From here, you can feel the vastness and majesty of mountains and landscape, how small you are - we are just a small piece of this immense universe. Or the moment when I was on a floating boat on the surface of the sea. With closing eyes, the feeling of the wind is all around me, its sounds like an orchestra of thousand instruments are playing in the middle of the air.














From that moment, I knew that I had to move back to Danang, a coastal city, just 40km far from my hometown. Here, I can enjoy the life which I dream of - near the sea, the mountain and a lot of wind. But not just that, Danang now is a growing city with 2 leading industries: tourism and Information Technologies. I fortunately found my new job here as an IT Business analyst. I feel so lucky and grateful for what life has given to me so far.








In the end, I’m honored to know the Hive community through the introduction of my friends Hong @babeltrips and Trang @trangbaby, they shared a lot of interesting things in this community to me and after some time of discovering this new world, and today I decide to start a new journey with all of our community where I think that I can learn a lot of good things, connect with people and share more valuable information via my post.
Looking forward to connecting with all of you.
Thank you for reading and see you in the next post.


Warm welcome to Hive em :) Chúc em sẽ có nhiều thời gian vui vẻ và quen biết nhiều bạn bè trên Hive. :)

Thanks chị nhé. 11h đêm còn bị em gọi điện nhờ hỗ trợ ;))

Welcome Ly! I'm Nguyen.
I think it's brave of you to move back home and pursue other things. I learned Finance as well, but now I'm following a whole different path.
Anyways, welcome and hope you enjoy the journey.

Thanks @sunnyvo. That means you are brave too. Hope to connect with you in this community as well as real life :)

Welcome Ly to Hive community 😄 I love the rice field!

Yeah thanks. I am so lucky that the rice field is at the back of my house. :)

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Welcome to our Hive family @limyty09
Love the pictures you shared with us oc your beautiful country. Absolutely love thd beauty of it.

Thanks so much.

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Thank you @lovesniper for your instruction. I will deep dive to what you've told me. Thanks again.

Welcome to Hive.

You told your story and your feelings with your photos. beautiful panoramas.

Thanks so much. You know what I mean :)

Welcome welcome to Hive!!!

May you find a home here and meet some great people!


Thanks. Hope to connect with you

We will have that chance i'm sure!

Welcome to Hive!

Welcome on board.

Thank you. Hope to connect with you.

Welcome to Hive. Hope you have great time here

Thank you :) Hope to connect with all of you guys.

Welcome to Hive! You will have a great time here! :)

Thanks a lot. I can see a lot of support here.

Hello Ly welcome to Hive, I'm sure you will find a lot of fun here. Wish you a successful journey on Hive.

Thank you. Hope to connect with you soon. :)

Welcome to Hive! @limyty09

If we were in the same area, I would have invited you for bicycle riding since that's the only thing I can move anyways😆

Hi, where are you now? Sure, we can ride together or if you travel to Danang, i can invite you to join me :)

Hahaha... I'm very far away.
I'm currently in Nigeria

welcome to Hive ch nha <3 chúc ch có khoảng thời gian vui vẻ và quen biết nhiều bạn ạ

Chị cảm ơn :)

you're welcome ạ

Waoooo, love your pictures a lot. Thank you for sharing and welcome to Hive 😘 I am sure you will love it.

Welcome limyty09! If you love travel check out @travelfeed / :)

yes, i love travel. I will sure check out your recommend website

Welcome to the hive fam! I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay! 😀

Thanks. I already see that there are a lot of support from you guys. :)

Welcome to Hive and what a great introduction post!

So stoked to read that you are living your dream life! Hope we all get there one day!

Thank you

Welcome, Ly! Hope you enjoy every moment here! I always have dream to spend a year living in Da Nang but still haven't made it! Lucky you that now you can live the life that you always want!

Thank you @hknauy. Yeah, i know that i'm so lucky that I can live here.