How to make your post more curatable

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As a Pinmapple and OCD curator, often I look at posts, cringe and think, if only..... it could have been more curatable.


Every curator have their own curation criteria, and what works for one may not work for another. However, apart from quality, all genuine curators will always look for one thing - it has to be an interesting post in order for it to be curatable. Here are some that I've come across which in my opinion, could have got a lot more curation, if only .....

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The author talks about taking his son to play football and drinking coffee whilst waiting. He added some images of the table and chairs and the kids playing football. That's it. Nothing really to shout home about to be honest. This is a coffee post (extract below) so perhaps the author wanted to stay with the coffee theme. Fair enough, but for me, there isn't enough content to make the post really interesting.

Then I saw this image of a cup of coffee. I've never seen a cup like this and I was intrigued. Why was one side cut out? Why is the inside shaped like this? Why is the centre raised off the base? I would have loved to know more about this cup, and it would have great if the author dwelled on it a little. Maybe he could have spoken to the owner and asked him/her about it. I think the author missed the golden opportunity here. If only he had elaborated on this cup, it would have made his post a lot more interesting.


Recently, BTC reached all time high. Unless you have been living under a rock, I think everyone will know about it. Here's an extract of a post.

Why do you think people will support your content when they're not learning anything new? Worse still, why would anyone support your content when you're just repeating what someone else has published? There is little point in posting about the obvious, unless you add your insight and viewpoint. What makes this ATH different from previous ones? What do you think will happen with BTC next? There must be hundreds of people writing crypto analysis on Hive, and thousands more off Hive. It will be nice to learn something new.


When curating for Pinmapple, I often see a lot of awesome images when people travel around the world. This particular author is one of them. Here's a glimpse of some of the images. If I was curating a photography post, this would definitely make the cut. But for a travel post, it lacked the travel content, ie the words. It had less than 100 words about the post.

Community leaders curate based on the posts that fit their community criteria. That's their role. For example, when curating for Pinmapple, we look for travel posts where the author takes us along on their personal journey, telling us their experience through their words. Good images are great to supplement the post, but it shouldn't be the core focus of the post as we are a travel and not a photography post. We like to hear you talk about your experience.


I couldn't find a example post for this, but I used to see them all the time. It goes something like this

Tomorrow is Friday. There is a market in the village. I go to the market on Friday. The market opens every Friday. Every week I go to the market. When the market opens, I always go. Tomorrow I will go to the market. I go to the market every Friday. The village has a market every Friday.

The author in question, is not a native English speaker, and that is absolutely fine. Hive is a global platform. Many people write in their mother tongue and translate to English. The issue is how the author pads up his post with superfluous words to make it look wordy. A lot of words in a post does not necessarily always mean quality. Why say something in ten sentences when you can say it in one. Blogging is not about taking your readers on a merry go around.

livinguktaiwan divider.png

Here's just some examples I've seen and the reason why I think they didn't get more upvotes. Often people ask, why does no one upvote my post? Before you ask that question, ask yourself what are you contributing to your target audience? Are you telling them something new or interesting? Is there anything in your post that makes it stand out from others so curators will read to the end and upvote you?

There are 2 pages

Yeah it's true, there are a ton of things that can help people to improve their content, quality and confidence are key for sure, if you ask me I would consider a few things more, for instance "engagement" you know Hive is a really wild place to post your content, your content could be the best content in the history of contents but most of the time people just don't see it or just ignore it for deferent reasons, so many content creators think that they just need to leave a cool post on the Blockchain, sitting around and wait till someone else upvote it, it might work for some people but you need to get involved with the community, interact with others and so on. Quality is important but at the end of the day you'll get rewarded for people so that's in my humble opinion something you have to do, look for engagement .

 last year  

Yes, engagement is definitely an important factor that everyone should make a goal here. If you want support give support. If you want interaction then interact. Plain and simple.

exactly, it is as a simple as that

You're spot on there. It's beggars belief why people make a post and expect people to just rock up and drop it a juicy vote. And when that doesn't happen, they start dropping multiple meh posts a day coz they think the more they post the more upvotes they will get. It's just crazy that they have this sort of mentality and nwvy think about engagement

Well spoken here! I know that when I am looking for stuff to curate with my meager stake, I tend to ignore the fluff shit or I will call it out to the poster. I even found one guy posting nonsensical stuff and I asked him about it, he thanked me for actually reading what he wrote and mentioned that no one reads anymore. I guess there are two sides to the story with fluff!

It does take a little while to figure this stuff out and even if we've been here for a while, I know I don't have any magic formula. I just put out what I like and it gets received or not lol all good though!

 last year  

It really does take awhile to get the hang of things here. It helps when people find and read posts like these that are trying to lend a hand and give out helpful tips.

I just put out what I like and it gets received or not

That’s a good practice. If you enjoy what you’re writing and like what you put out then hopefully others will too. I’m the same way. I won’t put out something I don’t even like lol.

Personally I think the curation standard should be the same whether you have meager stake like you say (actually you have a healthy stake?) or if you're a curation guild.

Write from your heart and what you know best is always the best way to go, I'd say. No point in trying to pretend being an expert to chase votes.

That last example... shudder.

Writing a prose post is a bit like poetry in the sense that you still need to choose the right words in all the right places without anything unnecessary. Word count alone is not evidence of quality, but you also need enough words to adequately cover the topic. It's a difficult balance requiring practice. If criticisms sting, it's an opportunity to learn and grow.

Hive is a great platform to learn to hone your writing skills... as long as you're willing to learn.

And to reference another of your points, one can't progress by spewing posts about how awesome HIVE is, or what the Bitcoin charts might mean, unless there is something of real substance to add to the conversation!

Unless you're lucky and hit a whale lottery, but you can't rely on luck all the time on Hive

Can you do me a favor and look at my this post and advise, what all is missing and how can I improve ?

Personally, I find culture posts can be very interesting if you guage it at the correct level. I know very little about Hinduism, so am wondering what is the relationship between OWL and Laxmi. Exactly what is Laxmi? And were does Lord Jagannath come into all this? It would have been good to give a little bit more context to all this.

I also felt a bit of cheated with the photos. There were 7 of the Goddess and you zoomed in and out at the same angle. It looked like my last example above, except you padded your post with photos instead of words.

That said, you got quite a few good comments to your post, hopefully you'll respond to keep the engagement level up.

Thank you a lot for the time and review.

It's a cringe flower because they're nature and naked all you have to do is look at them when you cringe and then you won't cringe anymore because cringe is bad so don't cringe.

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No no no! This is making me cringe even more. Why is the petal missing at the top and bottom? The cringe flower lives up to its name.

Voted, but I can't follow as following already

10/10 post right here.

Nice! I didn't even have to sell myself.

This is learning with mistakes. Lmao

sub 4 sub ✌️

Yes dear, thank you dear adtorrent dear.

🤣🤣 You crack me up!

Halloween costumes while supplies last!


This pic made me laugh so loud !

I'm disappointed in you.... you just made me spit me breakfast out laughing 😅🤣😂

Where are your table manners !!???

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I could link a few good examples of shtposters, who are posting the same sht every day that no one is interested in by the way, then rage against the platform for not getting votes. It takes a little time till new users get accustomed to how things are done here, but unfortunately some can't see it even after a few years.

I hope your post can change a few minds and help them create good content as we have enough extremely low quality posts.

Only a few good examples? I'm sure you can come up with more 😎

I did learnt over time and am really appreciative of this kind of post for teaching us just what to do.
Posting the same or similar content everyday can be boring as well, I once did and kept posting diy's, but a diversity of things and a little engagement here and there makes my blogging experience more interesting.

Well, if you want to succeed on Hive you'll need more than a little engagement here and there.

The problem is people come here and see the earning opportunity but the can't see the change, the difference between web3 and web3. This is a place where you can participate in the governance, in building it and making it the best place in a few years but as long as they are focused solely on earning a few pennies by not putting in any work, they are not going to get far.

And you are right, walking the same path and expecting a different outcome is just not the way.

Very fair point well said. I like how you put it. I once saw it in that light too, and as a newbie that was the orientation we received.

Someone will be like "hey I know of a blog you can make post and earn money" that's all
Nothing about the governance and how to grow a blog like you have said.

Thank goodness I have learnt the better part now.

Thank you for this enlightenment as well

You're welcome and good luck in your journey! I hope you can change the mind of those who still can't see the huge opportunity we have here 🙂

 last year  

Interesting! I also cringe at some posts specially in pinmapple, but I'm already immune in OCD. As a content creator, it became a sort of analysis-paralysis for me to think of something new or interesting. I don't want to get complacent and just post anything I want to post just because I earn from autovotes. I hope people will learn from this. Don't just post for the sake of having something to post in a day.

 last year  

YES!! This right here! Just as @livinguktaiwan mentioned a lot of words doesn’t necessarily mean quality I feel many people think the more posts they publish the better chances they have. I actually enjoy posting very seldom because one, it’s less stressful and two I don’t get bored with it (and I think this helps my audience not get bored too). It’s more fun and interesting ideas come to my mind when I’m not forcing content out everyday just for the sake of posting.

I wish everyone thinks the same way as you @crosheille. I see some seasoned users shit posting twice a day just because they get a lot of auto votes, another thing that makes me cringe !!!

This sounds to be a one of the healthy content right from the hearts of a curator....while curating sometime I too taken back by the nature of the content...and you put them nice way...reblogged!

Thanks, I'm sure all curators have their own list of "if only .... I'd curate it"

Phew... I was getting nervous that there would be an example from me in there! Got lucky this time!

I did try, but I couldn't find anything from your account 😄

 last year  


Thank you very much @livinguktaiwan , this is very useful. I will share this to newbies.

Thanks @dodovietnam. I know you are starting to onboard people now, you can also direct them to @newbies-guide as well!

Yes, that's great. I already guided them most of the information there, but there are still many things to learn. I will send them the link. Thank you very much @livinguktaiwan.

Hi :-) it's so funny seeing people writing "uh I wait so long for a curator to find and follow me". Even sometimes writing "please vote for me" they dont see this cannot work and I wonder why they dont see. For me having fun, meeting people (and Baby yodas 😄) is why I like to be here.
Uh once I had a nice upvote from appreciator and of course this made me proud. Really truely proud of my content and thankful for the vote. But this cant be the reason to spend so much time here? I think within nearly 3 months I found my place here.
But I also have to say, maybe there should be a little more help for people to get started. Aktually I am thinking about building a community group for doing this. Dont know how but just an idea going round in my head.
Hope youre fine :-)

Some people just try too hard and don't realise they're rubbing people up the wrong way. They don't realise just being yourself and genuine is the best approach. In fact I think Hive should make you the poster girl of newbies!!

Haha :-) I could make myself a posting banner for the "poster girl of newbies" :-)

 last year  

Not sure if you're aware of @newbies-guide but it's a good place to direct newbies to. There are quite a few posts shared their in the collections that will help people get a good idea of quality content and the do's and don'ts of Hive ;)

This is interesting. I think building a blog takes a lot of learning like any other job. Over time you learn many things: to write, to photograph, to create content that others may like. At first no one knows how to do it well, but the important thing is to strive and improve. Then the rewards for everything we accomplished will come. Here to be constant is needed and not get frustrated if we do not receive enough attention, instead you have to try to improve yourself.

Exactly sis, but some aren't even ready to put in extra effort and learn how to do things the right way. They are just satisfied with dropping everyday picture with no juice attached to it.

Spot on. Sadly many don't think they need to improve coz the problem is not with them but others who don't curate them 😎

lol - are you serious about this or is this a hidden joke of some sorts? It gets me smiling, you've got highly rewarded for a thing you actually critizise.

Taking this very post of yours, ask yourself the questions:

what are you contributing to your target audience? Are you telling them something new or interesting? Is there anything in your post that makes it stand out from others so curators will read to the end and upvote you?

HaHa! So, your audience sees this: you will be rewarded even if you say something that has already been said umpteen times.

In this respect, this is a contradiction in terms. LOL

It is just like the motivational speakers. Most of them tell us cliches and the things that we already know, but they are still applauded. The reason is not what they speak, rhe reason is from where they speak- THE STAGE.. .

Receiving more curation is about being unique all the time but being on the stage, in front of the people who are there only to applause you, no matter what you say.

Greeting @erh.germany ma'am

That's right what you say about the stage. There are the big theatres and the small ones. I always liked to visit little spaces and basements where you could listen to life music or stand up comedy on small scale. The artists weren't paid fortunes but for sure they had an appreciative audience. Here, it seems, it's the same.

Speaking of originality. I posted today a very long prepared fashion journal of a nostalgic art. I would like you to visit me, my closet and my sewing products :)

Greetings to you, too, sincerely.

The artists weren't paid fortunes but for sure they had an appreciative audience.

Yeah, their posts are not curated heavily but a couple of people who visit them are genuine and appreciative.

Speaking of originality. I posted today a very long prepared fashion journal of a nostalgic art. I would like you to visit me, my closet and my sewing products :)

I would surely visit that ma'am.

Blessed day ☺

lol, I was not talking about online postings but physically experienced events in small places. ;-)

Hahaha. I know that ma'am.

See, the artists at small places do not get the amount of money that the artists at the bigger stages get.
The artists at small places have genuine audience who knows the worth of their art but those artist are not paid what they deserve.
Among the two kind of artists The difference is in the stage, but not in the art. Instead, at times, the arrists at small places prove to be the better performers, aren't they?.

The same is the case here in the online world, isn't it?

Of course, I know what you mean, I was just a bit provocative. :)
I distaste it a bit that it seems that so many of the bloggers here think they are on probation/a casting of some sorts. Nobody here has a contract with anybody, so the standards which are being communicated by the people who have a stake and a say is not something one necessarily does think to adhere to. And that makes it kind of funny, in my eyes. If nothing is taken seriously, then why should anything being taken serious? Neither can I make anyone liable of having me overseen in their voting-behaviors, nor can they make me liable for not showing "the right attitude" in terms of behavior (engaging) or marketing the hive platform. If everything remains uncertain and in the open, it's a two way street, in which neither party can make any claims towards each other.

I really cannot tell about artists in general. I judge art by the sight of it in particular. If I feel spoken to, I give my appreciation through vote and comment. If not, I skip it. Both online and offline.

One thing I need to ask here.
Why if your posts are interesting do no curators select them?

Good question... Maybe every one has different interest?

Thank you and yes, I think that could be one of the reasons.
But when one posts a variety of topics and still no interest then I think there might be other reasons as well.

Hi @livinguktaiwan,
Thank you for participating in the #teamuk curated tag. We have upvoted your quality content.
For more information visit our discord

Thanks for the recommendations and examples

You're welcome

Muchísimas gracias por la información, soy una persona nueva en esta comunidad y la verdad que la información es de mucha utilidad, voy a poder elegir mejor lo que quiero contar y mostrar.

I see thousands of times how to get curated? Haha u nailed it

This is helpful and these things are good to know, even for vetrans and successful "posters." There is always room for improvement, for everyone.

The excerpt about the Friday's market is hilarious. It's like

"Oh, and what day did you say the market was held on - Friday!? I see, I see. And will you go to the market?"

I love how you called it a "merry go round." Lmao.

Also, you have me really intrigued about that cup. Why does it look like that!?!
I must know!!!!!

Why oh why, did they not talk about the cup?!? It would have made my day

Haha yeah. Agreed

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Great tutorial on some things to elaborate on, others not required. Good reminder to long time content writers and new arrivals.

@tipu curate

Thanks for the tip Joan !

Helpful. I also noticed that angle is very important. Sometimes a story could be interesting but you might be telling it from a completely wrong angle.

I'm not following, you lost me, must be a bad angle.

😆 well, you get the point.

A lot of words in a post does not necessarily always mean quality. Why say something in ten sentences when you can say it in one. Blogging is not about taking your readers on a merry go around.

This should be pinned to the main page of Hive, because many people do this. For some reason many people think that their blog posts has to be long. I do not know why.

Some people enjoy their wall of text 🙃

Hi @livinguktaiwan, great content!!! When we are new to the platform, we are looking for guides like this to guide us in making posts. I really liked it and learned a lot too, thanks.

You're welcome @maitt87. If you're looking for more newbie guides, then make sure to check out the @newbies-guide account. We have a Spanish collection there as well

That particular place of more does not mean good, It was really directly to me..
As the newbie I am, I use to think bulky contents matters too before standing a chance to be curated, but I've gotten it now..

I'm sure there are quite a few people who are guilty of that, so don't feel too bad about it. The most important thing is to learn from it

yeah.. which I have.
thanks for the enlightenment 🙏

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Thanks a lot @livinguktaiwan for this post.
It is not so easy to find this kind of informations, and for people like me, that are relatively new to the community it is really useful.

You're welcome @aurzeq. Please make sure to check out @newbies-guide , we have a lot more information there as well.

Great advice and tips Pauline. I am grateful for the curators out there. It must be like a full time job! It takes time for me to go through the posts of those that I am following.

I have made a very conscious choice to follow fewer people and comment on their posts, cause that is important to me and I think others would appreciate it. I also think it helps the community if we are interacting instead of just voting.

So very true Sara, though often I'm quite guilty of it myself as my engagement could be a lot lot better.

Whilst upvotes are great, getting meaningful comments from people, particular those you have developed a relationship with beats everything. Your comments and dropping by is always very very appreciated . Thanks so much ❤️

You are so welcome. I appreciate your curation and comments! The curation I receive pushes me to work harder and hard to make good content.

Oh and I am excited to "see" you at Hive Fest

Me too!!! I still need to do my avatar. And hopefully this year things will be a lot more smoother for me

I hope so too and look forward to talking with you!

Well, all that you have said is factual @livinguktaiwan, yet I have seen several times that low quality, spammy posts have been curated while quality posts are totally neglected.
Lol. I am among those who are waiting for being followed by curators whose vote weight is high and I know pretty well that my posts are competent enough and deserve healthy curation

I know pretty well that my posts are competent enough and deserve healthy curation

Why do you think this is the case? There are many curators on Hive everyday scouting for quality content? Why do you think none have discovered you yet? Or do you think you ,need to mull over the last question in my post?

You mean this quesrion?

Is there anything in your post that makes it stand out from others so curators will read to the end and upvote you?

Well, it depends on the reader's choice.
Lol. If they are not more interesting than others who receive good curation, they are not dull either. An objective reson behind this claim is that, I have been submitting my post to @dreemport, where the posts are read and rated by other bloggers. The ratings I get there are quite healthy.

You mean this quesrion?

Is there anything in your post that makes it stand out from others so curators will read to the end and upvote you?

Well, it depends on the reader's choice.
Lol. If they are not more interesting than others who receive good curation, they are not dull either. An objective reson behind this claim is that, I have been submitting my post to @dreemport, where the posts are read and rated by other bloggers. The ratings I get there are quite healthy.

I am not saying that I haven't been found by ANY curators, yet my posts still not appear doing great. Lol. The minow🐠 is waiting for some whale 🐋.

Greetings to you.

See my comment to this very post of livinguktaiwan:

thank you.. i believe this is helpful for us to make more curatable contents... how about tags dear? what can we do for the articles to be found by the right curator...

With the growth of communities, personally I think tags are less important now. Tags aren't regulated whereas communities are so it's much easier for curators.

thank you dear... i also see that its almost not very important... i still do add tags though...

This is very helpful and must be noted. As someone who is still new to this platform I want my posts to be curatable, pleasing to read and informative. Thanks for the tips @livinguktaiwan .

You can also check out @newbies-guide we have some really good posts there about how to improve writing your posts

I'll definitely check that one. Thanks for the info @livinguktaiwan 🤗🤗🤗

oohh.. I have read and learnt from this post again. Though my writing does not really need external validation - as I always say-- but you have introduced me to effective ways on how I can share my posts to have a chance of a bigger audience. Thank you again..I guess a newbie will always need a helping guiding words to break into the community. thanks again for taking the time to share your knowledge.

You're welcome. Please check out @newbies-guide as well for more useful posts about Hive

Problem here is this typifies what Hive has become. People writing primarily for money. Writing to suit an audience isn't blogging , it's creating content to order or at least, choosing subject matter that pays.

Hive has become very contrived and formulaic and a lot of 'alternative' viewpoints, especially on more serious topics, have been marginalised almost to extinction, not helped by strict guidelines on subject matter on which communities will accept.

As for what makes a post interesting. For me, it's a post that's honest and personal and these sort of posts rarely earn anything, especially if the writings not so great or English isn't their first language.

Having said all that, PoS rules so we can all make our own choices based on stake but I feel a little sad, as a reader, that Hive has changed from what it once was.

Hola amigo, me gustó mucho tu post, das un buen mensaje para llevar a lo más alto las publicaciones de nosotros los usuarios y mas porque yo soy relativamente nuevo en la plataforma, y mi objetivo es crecer más a menudo, gracias por tus consejos. Feliz y bendecido día.

You're welcome


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Thanks for this great contribution @livinguktaiwan. The truth is that the content creator thinks he has done a great job and that is why he often asks why they do not vote for me? But it is very good to have the knowledge of these great details that you just explained in order to understand why. We all fall into these mistakes and it is good that they let us know. Thanks again.

I think the longer we're on Hive, the more posts we read, the more of these oddities we see. Still lots more to learn all the time.

Great tips! Will take them into account to improve :)

PS: Loved your separator!!

Glad you found its useful!

And thanks, another Hiver helped me design the divider. So many talent here

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Hmmmm interesting post right there. I have to work on choosing the rider Community.

Rider community?

Omg! I meant the right community. My bad

Thank you for this guide. It's a great help to us newbies to be more aware of what curators look for and make our blogs even better than before.

You're welcome, please feel free to check out @newbies-guide for more information

Will do. Thank you

Thanks for the great tips @ livinguktaiwan

You're welcome

Thanks for sharing your thought with us, as an experienced curator which you are, the issue is that only a few curator share their experience like you did here.

Oh, I read this more than twice already.
This helped me get started and i found additional help from your post as well.
Thank you so much for reaching out.
Am getting better at blogging with these information.

That is also another good post from experienced curator @crosheille over there, thanks for your effort always!

Oh, there is a whole lot of adjustments I need to make after reading this.
Its really enlightening to know about this trivial matters, thanks for the simplicity and for sharing these key notes.

Just keep on making genuine content and you'll be fine

Now I really wish I would know the story of that white mug lol , such a cool design! I believe that a good post should bring value and make the reader feel that they have learned something new. A good post makes you ponder

The mystery white mug!!

Wow! This is insightful. Thanks a lot for this.

You're welcome

Buenos dias @livinguktaiwan muy buen post para el conocimiento de los que estamos comenzando en esta plataforma, así nos ayuda a enfocarnos al escribir los nuestros.

You're welcome, please feel free to check out @newbies-guide, there is a series of Spanish posts there for newbies that you will find useful

Muchas gracias ...revisare

Thanks for te tip, I wish this could help me improve my posts

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