The one thing that makes you 3x more effective in achieving goals

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When it comes to life, people don't see rationality or irrationality. They see meaning and purpose in things.

The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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A lot of people don't understand the benefit of attending university, or being employed, and being social. It's because they can't find meaning in these things.

Then there are people who find meaning in irrational things such as arguing with people on social media. Not being okay when someone else have more money, more results than them. These people find their meaning in irrational things.

Rational or not, if you find meaning in something, you will devote yourself in it. But if you can't understand the purpose of something, you will avoid it at any cost, unless it's forced upon you.

Finding something meaningful to do, makes people want to live more. Enjoy every moment.

That's why, most people focus on two things: Finding something important, something meaningful to do, and finding something to fulfill their short term satisfaction. Like shopping, drugs, movies, entertainment. Something to kill their time. Short term things are satisfying but they cannot fulfill your life.

Unless you have a purpose, you will always struggle with your life. Forced to think why you even exist. And if your existence matters at all. Finding your purpose solves this existential crisis.

Choose your pursuits carefully

Whether you work at 8$/hour or 100$/hour, you have to do work. You need to make conflicting decisions in your job. You have to face challenges. And get over them.

What I mean to say is, whether you work in a low paying job, or a high paying job, you have to work daily. So, if you don't find your work meaningful, it will be a struggle with whatever money you are earning.

Everything takes effort. It's your choice what you want to struggle for.

To realize one's destiny is a person's only obligation— The Alchemist

When you truly want to find your destiny, as the Alchemist relates, all the universe will conspire to make it happen.

Both success and mediocrity takes the same amount of time and energy.

So, whether you want to spend your life as a mediocre and still work. Or work and become a successful person, it's up to you.

It may be more convenient to settle into a life of mediocrity, but even then life will be a big struggle.

In the book, Are You Fully Charged, it is explained that "The odds of being completely engaged in your job increases by 250% if you work on meaningful projects each day."

According to Viktor Frankl,

Man's main concern is not to gain pleasure or to avoid pain but rather to see a meaning in his life. That is why man is even ready to suffer, on the condition to be sure that his suffering has meaning.

As a result you can see people doing one of the toughest jobs and be happy about it. Like being in Army.

People who are in Army, find meaning in serving their country. They go through immense physical and mental pain while training. They put their life at risk over and over again. Because in doing so, they save many lives and feel proud about it.

Bodybuilders train daily and enjoy doing heavy workouts. They don't eat junk food. They don't party. They miss a lot of things because they find meaning in something else. A disciplined and dedicated life. Waking up early, sleeping early. Not missing their workout routine. Always eating healthy and on time.

Atheletes practise one sport for more than a decade. Their whole life is based on a game. And they make it big. It shows that it doesn't matter where you find your purpose, if you find it truly, you can be both successful and happy.

An addict, can't find meaning in anything. So, he feels that his life is worthless.

You have one life. It's completely yours to control. You can channelize it in any direction you want.

If you don't find a purpose yourself, life will force one on you

If you don't find your purpose, you will eventually drift into one. The one you didn't choose. And it won't be as good as you thought, or the one you wanted for yourself.

And sometimes, the consequences are not so good. For example, Hitler wanted to be an artist, but ended up starting the second world war. Had he found his purpose as an artist, things would have been different for half the world.

It may sound extreme, but without purpose, people drift into dire consequences. They often believe in illogical things. They do drugs, commit to violence, join gangs, or just behave evil because they are stuck with wrong ideologies. They aren't just upset but angry because nothing fulfills them.

Aimless people will need to put their energy somewhere. To fill the gaps in their life.

You don't need to be supersuccessful to avoid this pitfall. Just find something productive and meaningful.

People are strange. They are constantly angered by trivial things, but on a major matter like totally wasting their lives, they hardly seem to notice. — Charles Bukowski

The tragedy of a purposeless life

Without a purpose, your life is not exactly bad. But it is not great either. In fact, most of the people live a mediocre life. Nobody wants to hear this, but you are doing just enough to get by. To stay alive. Not to want to live more.

Most people are mediocre in almost every aspect of life. In their job, in their money aspiration, friends, and social status.

Nothing is technically wrong. But nothing is great either. And that's what rages you the most. It's not bad enough that you start hating it, and try to change it. And it's not good enough that you can live happily with it.

That's the tragedy of life. You only come to the realization that you are wasting your life when it's too late. When it's quite difficult to change. Difficult, not impossible.

Even if you don't experience a tragedy, your days drip your life. Each little and mundane thing annoys you.

You will often fail to answer yourself, "How did you lose all your optimism and fall into this trap?"

Finding purpose, like self development is challenging. You often get side tracked from your journey.

Your self-doubts keep you stuck in one place. And the whole process seems somewhat impossible. Basically, your life gets in your way.

Happiness becomes a myth without a purpose.

Finding purpose shouldn't be just life changing. It could be as small as waking up early. So that you are ahead of half the world. Or eating healthy, so that you don't fall ill easily.

I feel finding purpose in smaller things is more meaningful than life changing things(in which most people usually fail).

For example, a lot of people find meaning in travelling. But most people cannot travel all the time. Some people can sell everything and travel the world, and be happy about it. But most can't.

So, seeing things around you with a new perspective, can be a life changing decision. Visiting local spots, can make you happy every now and then.

Some people cannot find purpose in their work. So, spending some time daily, doing some creative work, like on hive, can be life changing. Finding more meaning in smaller things is more impactful.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find your why. — Mark Twain

Finding and doing something that makes you feel alive, changes everything.

Your only purpose in life is to find and do the things that make you smile, laugh and lose yourself.

If you are not sure what takes you to that place, you can enter the experimentation and exploration phase.

Think of everything as an experiment. You fail, you learn, and you try again.


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