This is How You Get Out of An Inferior Lifestyle

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People think that they are in control of what they say, what they think and what they do. But most people are a product of their environment.

Environment is the biggest factor of where you are in your life.

A person from a poor background will only think about chaos. Whereas a person from a good background will think about progress, what he wants to build and what he wants to achieve.

Our minds are easily swayed by the outside environment.

I used to live in an apartment for an year. There was a supermaket in front of my building. Everytime I used go out, I would buy and eat junk food. As a result, I gained a lot of weight.

But now, I am back to my home. Market is far from my house, as a result, I eat outside food only once or twice a week.

Unfortunately, many people are stuck trying to progress in a destructive environment. They think that things will be alright one day. They will eventually progress and move on from the bad phase of their life. But it doesn't work like that.

It is like trying to lose weight while surrounded with pizzas and chocolates. It's too easy to fall back to your old habits.

Change is hard

Change is hard. Because humans have attachments. You get easily attached to the people around you. You don't judge them with their character but with their relationship with you and how much time you have spent with them.

Every person around you leaves an impression in your mind. Impressions create thoughts. Thoughts creates actions. And actions create results.

Few years back, I was surrounded with complainers and depressed people. They made me feel like a loser in my life. But this changed when I decided to change my environment.

Some of them are still around me. But I spend most of my time in a positive environment, online on twitter, hive, reading books, articles etc. So, I don't have much time left to think about what they are doing.

If the people around you don't inspire you, you are surrounded with wrong people. They will eventually kill your passion, and your goals. And force their mediocre goals on you.

The faster you move away from them, the better it will be for you.

Move towards the type of people you want to become. People who have the same goals as you do.

An alcoholic will be an alcoholic unless he start spending time with non alcoholics. An unmotivated person will eventually become depressed unless he changes his environment, start spending time with a bunch of disciplined and dedicated people.

It takes guts to move on from bad relationships and bad people. But if you eventually decide to move on, you will be proud of your decision later in life.

You are the product of the 5 people you spend most time with.

Your life is the way it is— as a result of the people around you. Change them to change your life.

Around creative people, creative ideas will pop up out of nowhere. New breakthroughs will happen. However, around sad and depressed people, your mind will stop working because of their bad influence.

The good part is that you can always "design your new environment". Design it on the basis of goals you want to achieve.

If you don't create and control your environment, your environment will create and control you. — Marshall Goldsmith

Design a lifestyle where you can focus on your goals

If you need to focus on something, you simply kill the distractions around you.

Distraction destroys your creativity and momentum. It hinders your growth.

So, anything that doesn't add value to your life, you need to get away from it.

For example, when I started writing on hive, and being active on twitter, I killed other distractions, such as youtube, instagram and facebook.

Now my focus is on creating content, not consuming it.

Design you work and living space according to your goals. If it is people who don't inspire you, be with inspiring people. If it is the messed up surroundings, move to a different place.

If you want a lasting change, you have to give up the idea of just trying something. And have to commit to changing your environment. Your life is not controlled by what you do sometimes. But what you do consistently.

A good environment is like a conveyer belt. It pushes you forward. It supports you when you feel tired.

The purpose of a good environment is that you make small progress consistently. If you are stuck in the same position you were in last year, it's because you are stuck in a bad environment.

Find a community

Because doing things alone is difficult.

Finding the right type of community is the first step to change your environment. Once you find the right people, you will know that what you are trying to do is possible. You start believing in your goals, you know now that you can achieve them.

If you try to figure out everything by yourself, you will lose a lot of valuable time. That's why it is important to spend time with people who are 5-10 years ahead of you. So that they can teach you from their experience.

Find a community so that you are surrounded with like minded people. Such as hive. Hive is a community of creators. Anyone can create any type of content without question.

Community will always play a massive role in any achievement in your life.

On hive, people look up to whales, top writers, so that they can make enough hive one day. Amass enough coins and become a whale. Similarly, people look at new people. How they bring new and unique content. Something spicy and interesting to read.

When you are going through difficult times, the right type of community will save you. Support you. When you achieve small goals, you can celebrate with your community.

A small community of crypto believers created billions of dollars worth of crypto markets. Even if the whole world stood against them.

Community is powerful. It will help you build momentum.

It will allow you to be challenged enough to do more. It allows you to test your limits. To nurture your hidden talents, allowing you to become someone you always wanted to be.

Understand the rules of the game

Crypto markets has different rules than traditional markets. It's a high risk high reward game. Your investment can disappear with the founder of the coin.

Hive has different set of rules than social media platforms, or blogging.

It is easier to make money on hive, but very difficult to build an audience. Because someone unknown can upvote you without reading or understanding your content. But achieving a constant mass of readers is a difficult game.

When reduced down to the basic principles, what you learn in one industry, you can apply it in a completely different industry.

Understanding the rules not only makes it easier for you to move forward, but to find any loopholes, so that you can accelerate your growth. To be successful, you need to understand what is appropriate and what isn't? What is considered a risk and what is not?

Understand the rules of the game so that you can bend them, or break them one day.

Once you understand how everyone else plays, you can play more effectively. Create your own unique style.

Understanding the rules means you can create the best environment for your growth.


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