Your Job is to not solve every problem— but to choose the right ones

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The test of a successful person is not an ability to eliminate all the problems before they arise, but to meet and work out difficulties when they do arise. — The Magic of Thinking Big

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Problem solving is a crucial skill. If you try to solve the wrong problems, you will create more new problems in addition to the existing ones.

For example, being unemployed is a problem. You don't have money to spend. Being employed is a problem, you don't have enough money and time. Being a business owner is a problem. You have to take care of taxes, you need to make sure that you are in profit. And you need to keep yourself away from the people who want to leech on your money. Also, chances are that you will not have enough money and time.

Literally, every problem you solve, will create a new problem for you.

Your job is not to solve every problem in the world. But to find the ones that hinder your growth. Solve them so that you make progress in your life.

However, if you try to solve the wrong problems, you will waste your time and energy. For example, a lot of people spend their time debating about politics on social media. Most of them have a bias towards or against one political party.

They are not trying to solve any problem, they are just trying to feed their egos. You can never solve anything by trying to prove others wrong and yourself right. By doing so, you can only create conflicts.

So, always know which problem need to be solved and which ones to be left alone.

Every problem has a solution— You need to look at the right place

If you think something is impossible to solve, your mind will prove it why. Whereas, if you believe that the same thing can be solved, your mind will show you how.

A lot of people quit hive because they don't make enough money. Another bunch of people quit it because there is not enough content to read.

Both are different kind of problems. Yet, they have the same solution. Produce good quality content. The type of content you want to read.

Even though this is a basic thing, most people just think about this problem and leave. Very few people try to solve it by producing better quality content. Every problem is an opportunity. If there is not enough good content to read. Produce good quality content. Simple.

Once you understand the problem, then think about how you want things to be. And what amount of time and effort is required to make it happen.

For example, producing good quality content is not easy. It will take months of consitent efforts, to achieve the writing skill, and connection with people, so that they would want to read your posts. It will take a lot of time and effort to achieve it.

So, if you have something better to do with your time, focus on it. Once again, choose the problem that will help you progress in your life.

Focus your attention on big objectives/goals. Don't let trivial things keep your mind. Try to add value to the world. To the work you do and to other people's life.

Whether it be a financial problem, a relationship problem, or a mindset problem, every problem is solvable, only if you handle it in the right way.

But if you can't find the right way, find the right person who can solve your problem. Like on hive, look at people who make enough money and write good content. These people have similar traits. They have been writing for a consistently long enough time. They write good posts. And they engage a lot with other's post.

Similarly, if you have a problem with your confidence, your mindset, find someone who is confident enough to achive results. And imitate his habits, his behaviour, his thought process. This process is called modelling.

A mind that feeds only on itself, will be undernourished. Seek help from more experienced people. They would know what needs to be done, because they have gone through similar situation.

Getting knowledge is never enough, once you get the knowledge, you need to act on it constructively

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People bury knowledge/ideas because they are afraid to act on them. Knowledge alone won't bring any success. You need to act on the knowledge to make it effective.

You need to take action to add value to your ideas. Thinking big won't help if you don't take any action on it.

Anyone can think big. It doesn't take effort to think yourself as a millionaire. It takes effort to make even a few thousand dollars.

So, thinking matters, but what matters more is how you execute your thoughts, your ideas.

Nobody knows what will happen in the future. Stressing about it won't help. But if you take the right action, at least you can try to channelise the events in your favour. Action cures fear. So, kill your fear with constructive action. You will always fear what will happen in the future unless you take action and create your own future.

Action not only cures your fear but builds confidence inside you.

For example, I was a very big introvert, scared to talk to anyone at all. But slowly, I forced myself to talk with people. Both online and offline. I forced myself to do one thing I was most uncomfortable with. To talk with strangers. And slowly, my fear of talking with people weakened over time.

I build confidence to speak with group of people, to present myself in front of people. This may not sound a big thing to many people, but it is quite a big achievement for me.

All because I took continuous action in that direction.

So, what was a big problem for me for 90% of my life, became an opportunity to grow and to improve myself. I would not have worked so much on myself if I had no problem talking with people.

I would have always avoided picking up challenges. I would never try to make myself uncomfortable.

How we think influences how we feel about ourself. If we think we suck at something we will suck. Whereas, if we are confident enough about ourself, we will be more comfortable when we face any challenge in our life.

Seek out your faults and then correct them.