Update!!! Second stage of hive borehole in Ghana started today.

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The continuing hive borehole project in Agona Bedomase has made progress today, as I offer a short report to all hivers on the blockchain. We (@mcsamm & @collinz) recently announced the the commencement of hive borehole here in Ghana as another step the hive ecosystem has made to enhance the lives of people in a community here in Ghana. The first part of the borehole project was completed with a successful drilling.

In this post, I'd want to draw to your attention and provide an update from the community where the hive borehole project is now underway. Bedomase is a suburb of Agona, which is located in Ghana's Ashanti region. This community seems to be farther than where we reside. I live in Kumasi, the capital city of the Ashanti region. Agona Bedomase is roughly a 2-hour drive from Kumasi. This assumes that we have made several travels each time we visit the location of the current project to guarantee a successful supervision.


 photos by @mcsamm

However, I am pleased to report that the second stage of the borehole project began today. A trip to the village with the masons and other stakeholders assured that we started building the project's walls and pillars. This stage of the project comprises the majority of the project's activities and hence requires more effort. I applaud the efforts of the town's officials in ensuring that everything is done properly.

Today, I asked several community members to get the running water for domestic use. According to the drilling service, we should keep the water running for approximately 48 hours to flush out all of the dirt and other undesired elements that have made their way deep into the earth during the drilling. In this manner, the people have been making use of the running water to conduct various home tasks.









Today, the foundation for the pillars and wall was built. The masons are anticipated to continue working with the concrete to create the pillars, following which they will be allowed to cure for a few days. Once the pillars have cured, this will allow for the construction of the tank seat. The carpenter and plumber are both eager to get started on their respective tasks in order to complete the job on time. I am excited with the success achieved so far on the continuing hive project in Ghana.






We want to reassure everyone that we are still committed to ensuring that the hive ecosystem empowers individuals while also connecting with them. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our goal of promoting the hive blockchain. Thank you for taking the time today.


Project : Construction of borehole system
Location : Agona Bedomase (Ghana, West Africa)
Sponsor : @valueplan
Project manager : @mcsamm & @collinz


Changing lives with hive.


Great progress on this great project!!

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Hive impacting lives is a great deal. Thanks for passing through.

I'm happy to see the progress we have made so far, it's been nice working you Sam

We're making great improvements with this project. Thanks always bro.

this is a really great project 👍🏼
congratulations for all your efforts,
definitely want to see what’s coming next !

The next days will help us get the next stages done successfully. Thanks for passing by.

Do not be tired, dear friend, in completing the project. The phenomenon of construction is very interesting to me and I have always wanted to see photos of the early stages of a project and look forward to it.

Thanks for your inspiration dear. We're grateful.

Salute to all of you! Keep going! 💦

Thanks dear

Great project! Wishing you much success and hope everything goes as planned!👍

Sure, thanks too.