A few clicks could be the difference between temporary pleasure/regrets...for the rest of your life...

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There are so many stories on the Internet about people who became millionaires and in some cases billionaires during the bull run of 2017 - 2018. A lot of these stories are fake news but some of them are 100% true.

A great example is a "neighbor" I have. He lives a few blocks away from where I live. Almost at the same age as I am, 37 years old. An average guy, with an average job, an average salary and an average life. Pretty much a perfect mirror of 99% of our society...

That was until the end of 2017...

Right now his only concern is at which place he'll travel next and what color suits best on his Lambo. No shit...He's living in a fortress with bodyguards and such and is having a dream life.

It's a completely different thing being born super rich just because your parents did really well when they had the chance and another thing to struggle for years and make it to the top all by yourself...Self made men know how to spend their money wisely, and most importantly that they never want to get back to the average status ever again.

He was one of those guys that saw the potential of BTC and of some of the alt projects back in the day and held like a psycho, till the bull run was right on his door step. The kind of guy that everyone used to mock when he was trying to explain to the rest of us fools - the smart ones -, that crypto is the future and that we should give it a shot.

Did you notice the key word here?

and held like a psycho

That's right he held. He didn't trade nor he took some of his profits when his investments went 2x...3x...5x. He had a vision and a plan and executed both flawlessly. Luck was on his side too of course but luck alone isn't enough.

That being said I was looking at my crypto portfolio a couple of hours ago and I have to admit that I feel pretty good with what I am holding, besides HIVE of course which is pretty obvious to everyone around here.

As a matter of fact, some of the alt crypto projects I've invested in have already gone 3x - 5x since I bought them and whenever I am about to arm my hand and sell a portion of it just to satisfy my ego, I keep thinking that he achieved "whale" status in real life just because he HELD. This thought alone is enough to cool me off and keep me focused.

So, you've bought $1000 worth of coin A and now your investment is worth $2500. Why on Earth would you sell some of your stake, like those extra $1500 you've made? Just so you can spend some time on an isolated beautiful Greek island just like I did for the past two weeks or so, hence I didn't have time to post anything really (I didn't sell anything tho...)








Controversial eh?

I know, I know...

But then again, you should set targets and aim as high as you can. Theoretically speaking people invest what they can afford to lose. That's spare money. If that's not the case with you, then you're definitely doing something wrong...

Wanna hold empty bags when the new bull run strikes just for a few days of relaxation, or maybe you want this kind of life for the rest of your life? Just saying....

We're different...with different needs, different expectations and different priorities.

One thing is sure though. There is gonna be a new bull run sooner or later. And it might be the best shot you have to make your life a lot easier than it currently is. Make sure to not be left behind.

We don't know when the beginning of the new bull run might be. A few clicks could be the difference between temporary pleasure or regret for the rest of your life...

If the prices of the coins I am currently holding hit their ATH's when the bull is finally awake, then you're talking to a future millionaire here:) I really do hope that the same goes for you too.

Have a good one everyone and I hope you're all safe.



One thing is sure though. There is gonna be a new bull run sooner or later. And it might be the best shot you have to make your life a lot easier than it currently is. Make sure to not be left behind

I totally agree. I’m prepared

Oh I am sure you are Nathan!

What all coins you are holding and think, good for investment ?

BTC, ETH, LTC, DGB, NANO, MANA, and a few more.

Oh and Hive ofc

Your have to be very smart to play in this coin game.

Also patient enough and persistent I’d say

Good points, I wish I didn't listen to the main stream back in the early days of Bitcoin. I remember how everyone was saying how volatile it was and that it wasn't going to go anywhere. Now with crypto being the future of the World, I have a very much different look on things.

I feel you mate

Tengo 64.
Hace dos años no sabía de criptomonedas.
Mis hijos compraron un minero y empezaron a minar bitcoin.
Me hablaron de estas aplicaciones y cadenas de bloques.
Hoy me divierto y disfruto de HIVE.
Ellos siguen en el trading.
Les ha ido bien. El futuro está en las cripto. Felicitaciones por las excelentes imágenes. aliriera