My child cartoonist/Mi niño dibujante

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My child cartoonist


Hello to all my hivers friends of this great community, I had been a little missing from this medium, I was a little busy due to an infestation of lice that I had at home, product of a bird's nest that was in the window of my room. This meant that we had to fumigate, in addition I had to wash everything, completely everything from the clothes we use daily to everything that is stored without use, sheets, towels, besides vacuuming and cleaning the whole house. Fortunately we managed to get rid of those little insects.

For that reason I stayed away, I ended up very tired at night. In addition to that, the fumigation hurt my second son and I had that additional worry. Thank God he is doing very well now, doing his homework and attending his classes.
My second son has always liked to draw, and I really like him to practice this activity. In addition, he loves to sing. I would like to show some of the short videos I have made for him at home, but I don't know if I can do that here. If I can, I'd appreciate if you could tell me how to do it.

Well back to the drawings, here I show you a Goku transformed into Super SaiyaJin. When he did it, he looked for the image in Google and looking at it he started to make a sketch to then make the drawing in a larger scale. For this he used crayons and colored pencils. I tell him that the only thing is that he should sharpen the pencil less because when it is his turn to erase, if he draws too hard he always gets a mark on the sheet. But he will learn these techniques with time.


I love it when she says I'm going to draw, I'm her number one fan. Well, I'm really a mom who loves all the activities my little ones do.

What do you think of the drawing?

All photos are my own taken with my Samsung phone and I have shared them on other platforms.

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Mi niño dibujante

Hola a todos mis hivers amigos de esta gran comunidad, había estado un poco desaparecida de este medio, estuve un poco ocupada debido a una infestación de piojillos que tuve en casa, producto de un nido de pájaros que se encontraba en la ventana de mi cuarto. Esto ocasionó que tuvimos que fumigar, adicional me tocó lavar todo, completamente todo desde la ropa que usamos diariamente hasta toda la que se encuentra guardada sin uso, sábana, toallas, aparte de aspirar y limpiar toda la casa. Afortunadamente logramos acabar con esos pequeños insectos.

Por ese motivo estuve alejada, terminaba muy cansada en la noche. Adicional a eso, la fumigada le hizo daño a mi segundo hijo y bueno tuve esa preocupación adicional. Gracias a Dios ya está muy bien, cumpliendo con sus deberes y asistiendo a sus clases.
A mi segundo hijo siempre le ha gustado dibujar, y me gusta mucho que practique es actividad. Adicional, a él le gusta muchísimo cantar. Me gustaría mostrar algunos de los cortos videos que le he hecho en casa, pero no sé si puedo hacer eso por acá. Si se puede les agradecería que me comenten para hacerlo.


Bueno volviendo a lo de los dibujos, acá les muestro un Gokú transformado en Super SaiyaJin. Cuando lo hizo, el buscó la imagen en Google y mirándola comenzó a hace un boceto para luego realizar el dibujo en una escala mayor. Para éste utilizó lápices de colores y creyones. Yole digo que lo único es que debe afincar menos el lápiz porque cuando le toca borrar si hace el trazo muy fuerte siempre le queda la marca en la hoja. Pero bueno estas técnicas las va a prendiendo con el tiempo.

541115c1-ad20-4827-acf3-fcedd8e5f7c2 (1).jpg

Me encanta cuando dice voy a dibujar, soy su fans número uno. Bueno realmente soy una mamá que ama todas las actividades que hacen mis pequeños.

Que te parece como quedó el dibujo?

Todas las fotos son de mi propiedad tomadas con mi teléfono Samsung y las he compartido en otras plataformas


Hello @nels23

I'm your new Follower

Happy to meet you here

Is amazing the drawing of your son and i hope now everyone be alright after the infection. First time i read someone write about cleaning the whole house

In addition to the following questions you have about the videos with your son sing i suggest try 3speak or Dtube platform where your video can publish also in Hive
( The are others platforms too but i believe this 2 is the best )

Now is also a question

Where are your from?

( I make this because i have lists with people for around the world who i follow in Hive )

Thank for the follow and remember i will come to see your new posts so keep writing!

P.S : you can even make it NFT in Hive and sell it..Think about it

Hi @panosdada, thank you very much for taking a few minutes to visit me, thank you for answering my questions, I am from Venezuela, I hope you had a nice day. I just have some free time and decided to take a few minutes to interact here. Have a nice evening.

P.S. Where are you from?

Thank you too for the reply!

I'm for Greece



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