Horribly Scary Dolls at the Museum of Childhood - Edinburgh, Scotland

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A Good Way To Raise Disturbed Children

This little sailor looks like he is just waiting for me to fall asleep so that he can do unspeakable things. There were dozens of these little guys on display!

Wanna be best friends?

I suppose since they are really small, there needs to be a lot of them to tie you up and carry you off.

Here's a short video I made while in this creepy doll museum in Edinburgh, Scotland. Parents actually gave these horrific things to their children to play with!

Video comes with my annoying narration at no extra charge. Enjoy!

Mummy.. Where am I?

I'm sorry, but that doll would scare the hell out of me if I woke up in the middle of the night, and it were illuminated by a lightning flash. But I suppose back in the old days, people were used to this sort of toy and didn't have all of the horror movies that our generation has been exposed to over the years.

I always fiddle with my tongue out...

It was certainly an interesting museum. All I can think of is how much the general aesthetic of toys and dolls has changed a lot over the years. I've heard that Walt Disney had a profound effect on how cuteness was applied to design. If you look at design before and after Disney, there is a dramatic shift in the way proportions are drawn and sculpted in toys.

When we went, the museum admission was free. There is actually a lot more to see than what I've shown here. This was all in just one room! If in Edinburgh, stop in and have a look around!


Oh gosh they do look creepy! I guess it's those brows and skin colour! Brrrrr😱👀😂

There are all kinds of things going wrong with these dolls!! 😄

Hahaha. The first one with really thin brows spooked me too lol

Woo! Really scary those dolls! I wouldn't want to wake up in the middle of the night and see one of those in my room! 😱 By the way I didn't understand why they have a picture of those black kids in a horrible doll store? I remember that my grandmother had some big dolls with porcelain heads and they had a terrifying expression, when we visited her those dolls hypnotized me! 😂

I can't remember what the picture was all about. I was too focused on all of the weirdness. haha! My grandmother used to also collect porcelain dolls. I guess it must have been popular with the older generation. haha!

When I would go stay the night at her house, the dolls would be in the guest room where I slept. At night time, lightning would strike, and I would be laying in bed and see all of their eyes staring at me. 🤣

They look so creepy... The black ones are just disturbing and the last one in the video looks a lot like Chucky.

Yeah, my wife was telling me that the black ones (called golliwogs) are pretty frowned upon at this point for being racist. They look pretty inappropriate to me! But if I am being honest, I wouldn't want any of these creepy ass dolls in my house. lol!

Yikes! Yep, I would not want to visit this place at all. Dolls freak me out anyway and then you add in clowns and I am out the door! Nice photos. Interesting place for sure!

This place has it all.. creepy clowns, scary dolls... They even have a room that is completely set up like an 1800s classroom with speakers playing little British kids singing rhyming songs in a drone like tone. It's weird, because I don't think it's supposed to be scary but it feels like you're in a 70s horror flick.

Yeah, no way for sure! Yikes!

These are amazing. I would love to have one and replace the elf on a shelf at Christmas with it

It's like visiting your grandma's scary ass room in the attic where she has a guest bedroom. Evening lightning storms included.

wow - I sort of remember such stuff - not to mention Chucky but it makes me think of the dolls that chewed on Barbarella's leg:

haha! Classic. The little girl with the black hair looks exactly like my wife as a child.. I'll have to ask her if she was in this movie!


the strangest things one finds at times - did you ever see this movie? so typical of the times it was made. I used to adore Jane Fonda.

I did see it, but it was a looong time ago. I was just a kid. Yes, there were a lot of bizarre movies in those days!

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