Punting Down the River Cam: Cambridge, England

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While in the UK a couple of years back, we took a drive down to Cambridge to meet up with some friends who live south of London. We were wandering around town checking out the sights and collectively decided to do a punting tour up and down the river Cam.


The kid who took us out was quite friendly and knowledgeable, so it turned out to be a pretty nice adventure. I had gone out once before a few years back, but it was nice to do again now that I am pretty familiar with the area. It gave everything a bit more perspective.

Wow! Grumpy Amanda is smiling... This is a good sign!



Floating down the river I watched the young students lounging along the sides with their books, having conversations and goofing around while enjoying the scenery. I must admit, I couldn't help but envy them a little. I really missed out on the whole college experience. But more than anything, boy do I miss the carefree feeling of being that age. Of course, from their perspective they have no idea just how care free that they are!


Mallard ducks are everywhere along the river










After a nice afternoon floating down the river we headed back into town to have some lunch. If ever in the Cambridge area, I would recommend this tour. Just make sure that the weather is agreeable.

As an American, I never get used to the old architecture! Amazing.

In England it can start raining at any time, so it is wise to be cognizant of this fact when choosing to do an outdoor activity! Well, that is of course unless you enjoy getting wet!


Setting is like Venice in a way, yet much different architecture. Raining: I never carry an umbrella - I don't mind getting wet. Besides, I usually lose them anyway. Great views. It also reminds me of taking a cruise on the Seine in Paris. Strangely enough, I do this as a tourist, but had never cruised on the river in my own city Vienna!

Raining: I never carry an umbrella

I kind of feel the same way. I really don't like carrying things around in general. Not even shoulder bags or anything that I can't fit in my pocket really. I feel like they get in the way of the experience! And as you say, I don't really mind getting wet.

Strangely enough, I do this as a tourist, but had never cruised on the river in my own city Vienna!

This is always the way, isn't it? Often in whatever city I am living in, visitors tell me about things around my own town that I've never done, or am not even aware of.

So beautiful! I love the door in the picture with the ducks. Also the bridges are just magical. I once went punting on the Neckar river through Tübingen, Germany, which is also a university town. This post brought back the lovely memories of that day. :)

It's great, isn't it? I was imagining be a student and meeting some girl and floating down the river like some silly romantic movie. Sadly, I've never had the opportunity, nor have I been so sophisticated. lol!

Lol, I never went to college either, but that does sound like a romantic scenario XD

This looks like it was a really cool tour! I was able to go to college, but I lived at home so I kind of get the missing out on something feel. I often wonder how different my life would be had I went away to college.

Hehe, you and me both @bozz. I have to admit, I get a bit jealous when I see kids having this kind of life. They have no idea of the stresses that lie ahead when the body starts to fall apart.

That sure felt like a walk in the Venice canal.😜

I've been to Italy several times now but haven't made it to Venice yet. Maybe some day!

That would be wonderful! 👌

really nice read. I love being near the water and this looked like a chill way to see another side of Cambridge. You're so right about the care free youth not realising how care free they are. They think they have so much to worry about but it's all a matter of perspective. When in life do we really get the balance right. I am still trying haha

It's a continuous process trying to get that balance that you speak of. It's an everyday job for me sometimes to try to just be with the experience that I'm having now, without comparing it to the past, or that of someone else.

Thanks for reading, and commenting!

my pleasure. Keep those posts coming !

Uu I bet it was so relaxing to sit in the boat and chill. I love rain so I think this would be a cool place for me to visit.
Old architecture has its own magic. It is really something

Yeah, it's something that we really miss out on here in the US. Of course we have a lot of cool stuff to see and places to go, but seeing the old buildings still standing after hundreds of years (and even still functionally used) is really something.

It's fascinating because it makes you wonder about their history

Oh sir! You pulled me into your journey with perfect pictures and strong choice of words.

Of course, from their perspective they have no idea just how care free that they are!

Everyone is preoccupied in their own ways. It all starts with the window we are looking through. Perspective is such a powerful word. I am more interested in right perspective. This comes with utmost sense of attention. I believe you were so attentive and indulged in your journey.

You've come up with a beautiful experience for each one of us.


Yes - we spend so much time caught up in the crazy content of our minds that we often forget to pay attention to what is arising right in front of our eyes. Which can be quite the tragedy!

I really like the photos. 😊