OCD Community Boost Contest #3: Highlighting The Anime Realm

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Authored by @ybanezkim26

It's time for another contest!

We are pleased by the turnout of entries of the 2nd contest! The Toys on Hive community is indeed highlighted this week. Because of that, let's have the 3rd contest right away. The winners of the 2nd contest will be announced two (2) days from now, which means I'll post on Sunday (PST). This will give the moderators ample time to decide whose entries stood out.

OCD has been in the forefront of supporting different niche communities in Hive. Under the Community Incubation Program, OCD has been helping community leaders and moderators grow their genre-specific communities through focused curation. As observed in the latest update, communities under the program have grown both in number of subscriptions and in engagements within their members. By highlighting great posts by users in a particular community, they are encouraged to level up their game or maintain the quality of their posts.

To further help communities, OCD will now conduct weekly contests! The aim is to increase subscriptions and engagements by highlighting a particular community for a week. All other communities within the incubation program will carry on with the usual curation activities. With the help of community leaders and moderators, we at OCD will incentivize more those posts within that highlighted community for a week.

Community of the Week

The Anime Realm Community

About the Community

About: A Place for sharing all forms of Anime and Manga Content
Description: In an attempt to grow and encourage the Anime lovers here on Hive, I created this community so that people could easily find good anime content. Be it reviews, analysis, Fan Art, Cosplay, news, even AMV's if people still do those.
Rules: (1) No Uploads of Full Episodes. (2) Posts that Are Purely Memes will be removed. (3) For original content.

Contest Rules

1. Subscribe to The Anime Realm Community.
2. Post in The Anime Realm Community. This contest's topic is: The Older Days of Anime. Be creative in your post(s).
Details: Rather than focus on something new or recent in anime, something likely to be focused by many people already, this contest will be used to look back at the older days of anime, specifically anything anime from the nineties or earlier. We want to keep this a bit open ended, so as long as the theme is about these old anime, we're good. Hidden gems, trends of the time, influences from back then that can still be felt in anime to this day, even just reviews, they're most welcome. The focus of your post should be Anime from the 90's and earlier. Let's have some nostalgia.

3. Reply the link of your entry(s) in this contest post for easier curation.
4. Engage within the community. This will be given consideration during evaluation of your post(s).
5. Quality content is still given much premium and that's subject to the current set of standards of The Anime Realm Community.
6. All posts in the community within the week will be curated by OCD. However, plagiarism attempts and other forms of abuse will also be reported and dealt with accordingly.
7. At the end of the week, OCD will highlight top five (5) posts within the week. These posts are the ones that truly shine within the community.
8. While not mandatory, retweeting this contest post will be very much appreciated.

Contest Rewards

All the rewards (100%) of this post will be used in the prize pool which means the winners will receive:

1st Place: 35% of the rewards of this post
2nd Place: 25% of the rewards of this post
3rd Place: 20% of the rewards of this post
4th Place: 10% of the rewards of this post
5th Place: 10% of the rewards of this post

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Hello @ocd. We are currently running a contest on the community @hive-117778. Can you promote it?
Thank You

A community I hadn't seen on Hive yet! The beauty of these contests ✌️



Didn’t think I would have anything to give for this one at first but then I got reminded that Pokémon actually was an anime and from the right era as well. An anime and franchise that’s influenced my life greatly.


Another strange Post. again, citing one of the rules; "The focus of your post should be Anime from the 90's and earlier" the key word is "and". According to wikipedia "the 90s" includes until December 31, 1999. So technically a 1999 anime is valid to participate.

Otro Post extraño. nuevamente, citando una de las reglas; "El enfoque de tu publicación debe ser Anime de los años 90 y anteriores", la palabra clave es "y". Según wikipedia "los 90" incluye hasta el 31 de diciembre de 1999. Así que técnicamente un anime de 1999 es válido para participar.


My entry in this week's contest. Oh man now I feel like an Anime movie marathon.

Thank you for the awesome contest.


First time I see this community, I like that, I'm an anime fan but it has been a while since I was very into the anime world.

This is My entry looking forward to see everybody else's posts

Nice iniciative... I will take a look in the animes of my childhood for find inspiration ✏️💛

Hi everyone, this is my entry to the contest, I hope you like it 💜


omg.. this is my community . tag my best buddy @tawada24 @remenzer

I love this contest! I'm so happy to participate and read the other posts, here's my entry

Hi OCD, I had a lot of fun making my contest post since the few anime I've seen are from those years hahaha c:, here's my contest entry:


El anime "Bleach" es válido para este concurso?, ese anime tiene tiempo y quisiera hacer mi post sobre él.

The anime "Bleach" is valid for this contest?, that anime has time and I would like to make my post about it.

Hello, it is a pleasure for me to participate in this contest, here is my entry, thanks for the opportunity .

Frases para Fotos con Fondo Azul y Puntos Crema (2).png

Heey, here is my participation on the anime: Marco. I hope you like it, good luck to you all!


My entry!

Hope you enjoy it!

Retwited ofcourse =D

Hello this is my entry

Hi, this is my entry to the contest. Good luck everyone!

It's amazing to see more people been part of this cool community that is The Anime Realm, thanks OCD for making this contest, here is my entry


Yeeei!! ANIMEEEE Nothing better than an initiative on something I am an "expert" on hahaha Here is my participation:



Thanks again to @OCD for this opportunity and Hi to all members of The Anime Realm. Here is my blog about the Indian anime series which I watched as a kid and also some information about the newer series our kids are watching :)


Hi, OCD and The Anime Realm team.

Here is my post (for some reason the link I had posted from Hive was broken, so I thought it was better to delete it and I'm reposting it with the PeakD link):


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