Hello Hivers! Meet me!

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Hello Hive community! I have finally mustered the courage to do this after so many months of procrastination. I know the intro post is a compulsory rite for every newbie...so here I am!

I am Bukola Adedayo, 25 years old medical doctor, a self-taught artist, enterpreneur and content creator. My friends also say I'm a born entertainer😉😉.
I am a native of Ondo state and the 3rd child in a family of five. I have two elder brothers who I cherish and love very much. I had the best childhood with them and I am currently enjoying being the baby that gets all the attention😁.



I found out about this awesome community through @jaydr . Had seen a few links on social media before we talked about Hive but I didn't pay attention. Since I learnt about Hive, I have found myself going through various communities in my pastime. I have particularly found interest in the sketchbook and photography lovers community.

What do I plan to contribute to Hive?

I have always loved art and nature. Art has served as a powerful medium to express myself and explore my imaginations. My father who is a farmer and lover of good books may have fueled this passion of mine. Growing up, going to the farm by weekend to check the animals and crops that has been planted was a norm. I remember creating my own little farm at the backyard of the house and being fascinated by seeing something that I had planted just grow and then start yielding fruits.

I have been doing pencil drawings since I was 7 years old. My imperfect drawings always felt perfect to me and I was constantly encouraged by my family.
Creating art has always been a happy place for me and I intend to continue for many more years.


Over the years, I have gotten better by watching tutorial videos and just picking out tips from other people's work. My watch word like one of my favourite artist says; "Remember the 3P's (Practice, Patience and Persistence)".


Apart from drawing, I also picked up some other hobbies like gaming, traveling and exploring new things and places.
My brothers had the greatest influence on these hobbies.


It was our constant day to day living which has now formed an interesting part of the three of us (like the three muskateers😉).


I am also an entrepreneur who sells human hair. My need for good and affordable human hair/wigs was the motivation for this business. Since I started my hair business, I have definitely gotten better and can proudly say that I have been able to serve many others satisfactorily.

As someone who loves to put out content, I believe Hive community is a great space for my work where I can get positive criticisms and also constant encouragement. I also plan to benefit maximally from other posts on hive community, giving feedbacks to other people on this platform. I'm open to directions and guidance from others. I also look forward to exploring new mediums, showcasing my art in other forms, networking and making friends here too.

Thank you very much for reading my intro post.


Welcome olubukky!
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Thank you very much. I hope to learn more about ecency.

Hi @olubukky welcome to hive! as a nice start, you might want to check the communities under the incubation program of OCD by following this link https://peakd.com/hive-174578/@ocd/ocd-communities-incubation-program-update-69

Good luck and have fun.

Alright. Thank you for this.

Welcome @olubukky .. I m glad you made it through. It gets more easier and fun from here on trust me.
Do well to engage a few other posts you like by commenting on your favourite Communities.

There is more to learn, most of which should come easy to you. I m sure.

Happy Hiving.

Thank you for the guide so far. I'm looking forward to so much more

Hola! Welcome to Hive, it is good to have you on Hive. Feel free to ask @jaydr questions if you have, I am sure he would be happy to help you out find your space here.

Sure thing, thanks bro.

Yes, thank you.

Thanks so much Sir .
I may have used a wrong account to reply ..lol.
Was working on the community idea when the notification came in. So much work bro. Good work still. Thanks for all you do.

Welcome to hive Bukky!
First of, I'm jealous of your Littman's🙄

Secondly, as a fellow creative, I'm sure you'd have tons of fun on Hive (I've been told one should have fun first, and all other things will be added on to you).

Come to the Photography Lovers community, we'd be happy to have you.

Welcome to the show once again!

This Littman is basic 😂. I'm enjoying it already. Thank you.

Wow. You sure are an interesting individual. I wish I could draw like that.
You're welcome to HIVE.
I have no doubt that you'll thrive here

Thank you😁. I can assure you that it can be learnt.

You're welcome!
But there's only 24 hours in a day, that's the problem.
So much to do.
But we'll be fine.

Again, you're welcome

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Thank youuu❤

You are welcome

Hey Bukky, you sure are the whole package.
Wow, all that for just one person, I wouldn't have believed you were a doctor if you didn't say it, lol.

I got drawn to your artwork..it's beautiful, very,, you're quite exceptional, no whines. It's good to see that you were encouraged all the step of the way.

Keep doing what you're doing, every bit of it. You're a great addition to this space.

Welcome again dear ❤️👇💯💯💯

Thank you very much. Your comment is even more encouragement.

You're welcome dear ❤️

Hello @olubukky ! This is @chillwithshanna from @ocd (Original Content Decentralized) team. Congratulations on making your first post on Hive and welcome to this amazing community!

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Happy Blogging!

Thank you very much.

Welcome to peakd and Hive! Did you know that there are many different websites powered by Hive? If you enjoy travel blogging check out TravelFeed.io :) See you around @olubukky!

Thank you