My personal and Witness introduction to the Hive community

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My name

Lets start with my name as this is subject to much confusion 😂. My Vietnamese first name is Quốc Huy which means something like the emblem of the country. For short, it's just Huy and the closest easy pronunciation would be the english name Huey. See the following Youtube video: How to pronounce Huy)

My journey

So I'm Vietnamese, born in Lao but I spent most of my childhood and teenage time in New Caledonia which is a French colony (oversea territory). So I speak Vietnamese, French and English (from middle/high school).

Me in primary school

After high school, I went to Montpellier in the South of France by the Mediterranean sea to study computer sciences and I spent 10 years of my life in that beautiful city. After graduating at Uni, I spent some times working for some french companies and then made my way to London where my career as a website developer was boosted and I ended up working couple of years for the Financial Times. In London, I married my wife and we had our son. No long after, we both decided to move to Australia where we believe life would be better for raising our child.

My family in Australia

I now live with my little family in Wyoming, NSW. It's a little town on the Central Coast in Australia. I'm still working as a (Senior) Website Developer for a national TV/Radio broadcasting company in their video on-demand department. I commute every day to Sydney and that takes me about 1h45 each way. However, recently, due to the COVID-19 threat, most of us are working from home.

Working from home

My took my first step into crypto in February 2018 with Steem and I have now moved on to Hive. In March 2018, I decided to run a Witness node to help the network and learn more about the platform.

My Hive Witness

@quochuy Hive Witness

I'm now running a Hive Witness and I'm currently ranked #35. Over the years, I was involved in several community projects on Steem and I'm now progressively rebuilding my "portfolio" on Hive.

My current projects on Hive are:

My Hive Witness node runs on a server with the following specs:

  • Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz
  • 32 GB RAM DDR3
  • 2x 512 GB SSD

You can vote for my witness on the Hive Wallet or using Hive Signer.

Social media

You can also find me on those social platforms:

@quochuy Hive Witness verification image


You have a wonderful family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

A 1h45 commute sounds intense. Especially for me as my commute has been 0 minutes per day for the past 10 years 😀
What do you usually do with that commute time? How do you feel now that you're not doing that commute, must give you a lot more free time right?

Following you on Twitter btw, thanks for helping to make Hive strong 💪

Thank you.
Well since Covid-19 lockdown my commute had been 0 too 😁. But I would usually either:

  • sleep some more
  • read or watch something
  • do some development (contribution to Hive Blog code)
  • or blogging

I actually am thankful for that commute because it indeed gives me more personal time to do other things.

Nice article 👍 By the way your last name in bulgarian is .. funny 😁

"Nguyen Dinh" it has a Bulgarian pronunciation?

Thanks for all the work you are doing for us on Hive👍

Very cool experience, I will check your witness update as well. Your services is useful to the community.

Very impressive profile. Hope this community would tap into your wealth of experience. Good luck.

Wow today I know where you came and was born from. Anyway should I say welcome or glad to read the late introduction post to the hive blockchain


maybe I still need to learn more about the HIVE network, but I've begun to understand that witnesses are the people responsible for managing the network, right?

we are from the same continent hihi, so why not upvote someone that is really close to me?

i hope you and your families will go well too, and safe from corona virus. We are fighting the virus too in Indonesia. We must be strong.

hello .. I support you, as a witness I am a block hive

and I will also invite hiveans from Indonesia to support you.

Added you to my PeakD Feeds List-Witness Type-I will be using that as my method to see what the witnesses are doing and then to evaluate when/if I decide to take control of my witness votes instead of using a Proxy.

A nice introduction, I wish you well.

It is great that you want to do research on the witnesses before voting for them.

Hey Huy you and the family are doing great. It's nice to know that you would move across the world to see your son being raised in a safer enviorment that brilliant. Hope your safe and corona stays well away from your family i would like to thank you on behalf of all us on HIVE great work i'm thinking about joining natural medicine community i posted some content and their today anyway stay safe Huy

Short and clear intro 👍 by the way I 'm also spend 1.45h to get to my work via suburban train here in Moscow))

It's not too bad if you have some WIFI or mobile internet so you can do some reading or work during the trip.

Indeed, but sometimes I prefer just relax and to sleep before/after hard day)

Hi Huy, nice to know more about you and your witness node. Your in 35th place at the moment and just voted you for my witness since your not a complete stranger anymore.

Great to meet you! <3 Love the pics from your childhood and family :-) Vietnam is on my travel bucket list (I got close once but had an accident and never made it), as is Australia :D As I live in the Northern Hemisphere it always feels like the interesting parts of the world are in the South of course ;-)

Nice to meet you! I never knew you were one of the naturalmedicine bot maintener. Nice to see another Asian face as part of the hive's front-end engineers.

Looking at COVID-19, I see it as a blessing in disguise for you not to waste over 3 hours of commuting time to work and back daily. Now you will have more time with your family while busy connecting with your office online.

How are you taking your work from home life?

@quochy I think that you are on my witness list my friend.
Lovely family that you have and we wish all of you the best in life.
Blessings from South Africa!

Je suis contente d'apprendre que tu parles français ! Je vis à Annecy, France près de Genève
Very nice introduction, that's great to learn more about the witnesses so that we can make our choice in a better way indeed !

hello @quochuy your post has been voted by @travel2019 follow me in my #traveling community

Thank you so much.

Ha! you are so appreciated. I had no idea.