Private beach & Infiniti pool in Phu Quoc

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One of the greatest things about staying at a five-star resort in Phu Quoc island was you can access the private beach and the infinity pool.


It's not a big beach but it was the perfect size to satisfy your craving for the beach. They had really comfortable sunbeds and all the palm trees were making cool shade for us.


You can order drinks or food at the beach!! Let's start with cold beer ;)


All I did is just lying on the sunbed and read my favorite book all day.


And when I get hungry I just raise the flag and order some awesome snacks like Banh Xeo tacos ;)



I also swam at the infinity pool every morning for an exercise.



The best time of the day is sunset time... people at the resort said April is the beginning of the monsoon season so it's mostly overcast and the weather isn't that good. But look at this people!!! How beautiful is the sunset... I can't believe this isn't a perfect sunset... Well, I gotta come back again when it's not on monsoon.


You had me on the view but
Banh Xeo tacos 😁
Now I’m jealous 🤯

They are the best!! 😆

On the island where I live they have a saying "In the sea life is tasty sea" and sitting and reading in front of the sea feels glorious. Drawing is also a great experience 😉 it's feeling one with nature.

I should try drawing next time I visit any beach 😍

Wow, looks like paradise.

is that corona bear? 😂

Screenshot 2021-04-29 at 10.10.16.png

hehehe, Do you like Corona beer? I think it seems Corona Beer from Mexico :D

It does look like that :)
I wonder how their sales were affected in 2020 😂

Yes it is Corona beer 😂😂😂 Sad because Corona is one of my favorite beers 🤣

I love the sunset you captured there @ramengirl looks amazing!

Thank you so much!! Surprising I could've take it without filter 😃

Beach looks damn beautiful and very neat.

Isn't it?! 😀

Looks like paradise
Can I teletransport?

Please come to visit after Covid...😭😭😭

Last photo is gourgous :)

Thank you 😃

Looks like a lovely place thanks for sharing these beautiful photos 🤝

Thanks for the beautiful comment! 😍

No problem it's my pleasure 🤝

Wow the last photo is stunning

Thank youuuu!!! 😘

Wow! I'd love to sit on that beach and play my guitar until the sun goes down!

That sounds like paradaise 😍

A spectacle of a place! I'm from a region with a beach so I seem to travel back in time when I see your photos! Beautiful post.

Awww I really wish I could live somewhere close to the ocean as well 😍

Wow that place looks so nice. Is it easy to get to from an international airport?

Yes, the resort I stayed at is called Salinda and it's only 10 to 15 minuets away from the airport 😍

Definitely going to add this to my bucket list. Thank you for sharing your adventure.

Enjoying the photos and then the picture of the tacos comes up and I'm like oh wow, tacos! Good to see people are enjoying life despite the 24/7 fear.

Thank you!!! I really hope we all can go back to normal life soon 😭😭😭

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The vicarious good vibes I get from this post is so great. Glad you enjoyed your stay at the 5-star resort. I'm not surprised you took advantage of the beach and infinity pool. Looking forward to doing similar myself, life permitting. :)

Thank you!! Resorts are offering big discounted prices these days, so I could've stayed with really affordable price 😍

My pleasure, and yes, it's definitely a good time for customers looking at resort-prices. Another reason for me to go :)

Beautiful photos! Looks a lot like Hawaiii. Upvoted and reblogged.

I'd love to visit Hawaiiiiii 😊😊😊

Come on. I'm on The Big Island. I'm preparing my room downstairs for Airbnb. It has a queen size bed, making an outside kitchen with fridge, grill etc. The bathouse has a compost toilet, shower, sink and a washing machine which doesn't work. Lol. We have plans to build a small bathroom below with a flushing toilet. You'd want to rent a 4 wheel drive as the beach roads and even our road is rough. Anyway, I'll let you know when it's finished and give you a special rate. You can even pay me in Hive. Lol. Are you in telegram? If so, send me an invite and we can chat there. I'll show you around and introduce you to locals.

Are you from Japan? I was at yokota air base for two years and loved the people, the culture and the food.

Awesome thanks for the lovely photos. I am a beach lover.

Isn't beach is one of the best things on earth?! 😍

Looks amazing 😍😍😍 I wanna go there

I know! I want to go back there again 😭

Those banh xeo tacos are looking like the best snack, especially out on a private beach DANG

Banh xeo tacos became one of my favorite snacks! 😁

Absolutely amazing it's were I would love to be right now if it were possible but unfortunately not at the moment with all these crazy travel restrictions, hopefully soon 😊

Do love that sunset really puts you in a holiday mood 👍