Although many ideas come to mind, from what you have written, I will try to synthesize my thoughts. As far as I'm concerned, I live in a country where the government tries to control us by all means, from what we eat, to what we think, to the money we must have in the bank. If we have more than the money allowed, we must declare where it comes from. Decentralization is taking off that straitjacket that has been imposed on us! Steemit, for example, is a way of feeling the freedom and economic independence that we have been denied. Good day, @rok-sivante! Hugs

I completely forgot to mention examples such as this - where it’s all even more critically-important in countries such as yours...

That "CAT", Has crazy eyes, frequency, it hurts my eyes to look at it.....If your intent is to hurt my brain, you may have accomplished it!!! I'm not Quite sure!!! You may be my friend, or, you may be my Enemy. If it effects me.... which will in my opinion be a bad thing and you want me to be allowed the pain, allow me to experience the slave master and slave experience!!!! " And It's my fault because I let you!!!!! " It's supposedly my fault!!!!" Sorry if I don't believe you, "DEMON!!!!

It is interesting how in the past things like decentralization never would have even been a word on my radar. Money was in the banks, they controlled everything, I had a retirement plan and that was just the reality of it. Getting involved in crypto and especially Steem and EOS have really opened my eyes about a lot of this. It has been pretty crazy the way things have happened over the last month. Learning the ways we are vulnerable will hopefully make DAC's in the future even more secure and stable.

one attribute of decentralisation is transparency and ability of freedom of expression. it is the right path the world should follow

Thanks for this post.

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