Day 2 of our journey.. Only very few people in the train..

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This is our second day in the special train to our home. The train seems to be deserted as very few are inside it. In our coach the total number of passengers is less than 20. The entire train carries less than 450 people which is way lower as compared to the statistics of a normal day.


Train fare is subsidised as it is borne by the government as per the direction of the Supreme Court of India. Food and water is also supplied for free as the government seems to have an understanding of the financial state of people travelling in this train.


Today morning we got bread, biscuit and bananas for our breakfast. And for lunch we got a piece of bun each. All are getting bottle water for free too..


As I mentioned earlier there are very few people in the train so our allocated space per individual is vast.



Bathroom isn't very neat in train and there seems to be no staff to check on us. However, we are strictly maintaining social distance among us and are using sanitizer frequently.


Anyway, this journey is quite a different experience. I expect to reach my Quarantine home at the evening of 1st June.

Here is the picture of Bhubaneswar junction from where I'm writing this post.



And here is our dinner today..



I am happy that you are heading towards home, and the passanger count is a big relief.
I was worried that the train may end up being over crowded but looks like thats not the case.

Also it seems like the authorities is doing whatever they can. Another 48hrs and you be home.

Hang on buddy.

I don't have to tell because you are responsible person. But please be in home quarantine for next 2weeks.


I'm not even going to home at first place. We have been asked by authorities to stay at a seperate place for the next two weeks.

The place is 2 km away from my home. Everything is getting ready for our two week long isolation.

That is something everyone who is traveling from red zone has to go through and its for good reasons.

I would personally like to thank you because you are going to the quarantine zone and helping in the fight against the Corona.


Its geat to know the ground reality, the media does not show it often. Stay Safe

You are taking that extra step to keep your family safe , nice to see that , well done !

Stay safe bro, hope you reach soon 😊

We are still inside the train. It will take one more day bro.