We reached Kerala on 4th Day.. But we are yet to meet our dear ones..

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Me and my wife safely reached Kerala on day before yesterday. We got down at Ernakulam junction at 4.30 AM. After a 2 hour long procedures and thermal scanning we were taken to Thodupuzha, the biggest town in my district, by a KSRTC bus(Run by the government).

From there our journey continued in an isolated car taxi in which the driver's seat was seperated from that of passengers' by an airtight transparent poly-ethene cover.

Needless to say, my wife was totally exhausted.

We arrived at a place which is located about 4 kms away from my home to spent our quarantine days. For the next 14 days we aren't supposed to get out of the room. We are not allowed to even open the door or the windows.

On yesterday, soon after we opened the door for some unavoidable reason(to take water from varanda), I got a call from health department warning us from staying away from opening the door or windows. It seems our neighbours are vigilantly observing us round the clock (24*7). Some of them openly said they don't want us to stay here. It is painful to be treated as if we have been affected by this virus. But I know we must accept their point.

I do understand their cocern. It is quite natural to think like them when one of your neighbours suddenly appears from a distant place. However, when we strictly adhere to all guidelines issued by the government, they should stay back as long as we don't go beyond the rules. Though I had anticipated a protest from neigbors, never imagined all those incidents that happened on day before yesterday.

Internet speed is too low here which makes our days quite boring to some extent. Another big problem we face now is the scarcity of water. My grandma while she was staying here, used to get water from a nearby well. However, due to special condition, we have now been warned against taking water from the well by its owner. Our need for water is fulfilled by an autorickshaw carrying water-tanks sent by my parents from my home.

But I consider these as days to learn more and more. Even though internet is too slow, I do download some youtube videos to continue studying 'programming'. I'm thrilled to see what I can do through coding.

Thanks to all for your kind words in my previous articles. Now I cant upload any images due to slow connection. Hope I will I will get back here soon with a similar text-filled post.


Its good to know that you are safe and reached your near your home, its a matter of days, so hopefully everything will be good.

Yeah. Few more days to go..

I am gald the you guys reached safely.
I would like to thank you for being so supportive and staying in quarantine.

I wish more people could understand the gravity of the situation and follow social distancing and self quarantine if necessary.

It's just a matter of few days. :-)
Stay home stay safe.

Glad to know you are safe and hope this trying period ends soon.