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RE: The OCD community

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This hits so many nails on the head in one post. I've decided to just keep it organic and only post in the communities I feel an affinity for right now. For voting my mantra now is vote, message,reblog & follow. If the content caught your eye and you feel its worth a vote then why not let them know why, share it and follow as probably more where it came from. If this became the norm then hive organically would grow correctly and the communities would flourish. I like how your supporting the smaller communities as if people post in the right ones and they see a reward, doesn't have to be big but they see one, then it will naturally workout. Thanks for the direction towards the posh twitter link as I was doing everything else but had not registered. I'm hoping I've corrected that now :)


I'd throw my hat in the curator ring also. Subject to a block chain background check of course ;)