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RE: 30 Day blog Challenge- Day 1- Why that Username? SCUBAHEAD

in OCDlast year

Yes it really is. I did discover scuba for him must be 15 years ago. Well he was 63 then. I was always super pleased about it cos before that the only kind of famous person I'd taken diving was James Dyson the vacuum dude. Beatle is a way better story


Slash and David Hassltehoff, that's about it for me lol.

Met slash before monsters of rock at Donnington. He and Duff came into the nightclub i worked at the night before. Theres a scene in the Paradise city video where he walks into the toilets and 2 of my mates (Liam and mark) are in the video as Liam was having a piss. Would love to meet the Hoff!

I have a Robert Plant story that I’ll share someday.

Lol met him at Birmingham airport. he was off to denmark I was headed to Florida. He signed my old passport. Super nice guy. Would love to hear yours