30 Day blog Challenge- Day 1- Why that Username? SCUBAHEAD

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Hello to all you Hivers!

I am taking up the 30 day Blog challenge set by @tegoshei and pointed out to me by @ybanezkim26

Day 1- Why that Username? SCUBAHEAD?


ok @scubahead. How and why did this monika come about? Well my chosen username is very simple really. I've thrown together 2 things that I love and enjoy from two different spectrums of my life.

SCUBA self.contained.underwater.breathing.aparatus


I have been Scuba Diving now for 25 years and for 23 of them I have been a Scuba Instructor and this job has taken me all over the world.


I have taught or assisted in teaching scuba classes in Florida, Washington State, the UK, Jamaica, Zanzibar, Mozambique

Teaching in Jamaica




Benguerra Island-Mozambique


Teaching the crew to Dive

Writing this and gathering all this together is a nice way to reflect on all the places and people I have met along the way.

Mnemba Island- Zanzibar


I even got to take one of the Beatles Diving, Paul McCartney. Which was nice. Not everyday you go scuba diving with one of the Beatles. It's what I like to call my Scuba claim to fame.

This is our dive boat next to a traditional Zanzibari fishing boat.


Now I find myself in the Philippines and have been here for nearly 7 years where I am part owner of a Diving Centre in Cebu.

It's a fantastic place for diving with a huge school of resident sardines just off the coast.


The underwater world has been a love of mine and played a huge part in my life now for a quarter of a century. It will probably still have a large part to play in the years to come.

It has not only been a pleasure to literally immerse myself in the oceans themselves but has also allowed me to spend considerable time in some amazing places in the world and immerse myself into their cultures, cuisine and music. I have been very fortunate to be able to live in some stunningly beautiful places.

@scubahead and @biggypauls apres dive


AND HEAD? the upper division of the body that contains the brain

From when I was very young seeing them perform " The Ace Of Spades" on the comedy show The Young Ones I have been head over heels in love with the honest full on, no nonsense, loud, visceral in your face pure energy of the band MOTORHEAD. I've been lucky enough to see them play live on may occasions and it's a wonder that i have my hearing intact. I'm glad i did go to see them as sadly most of the original line up of the band including the iconic lead singer and bassist Lemmy, have sadly passed away.
Here is a link to that moment when I first saw and heard them


so I proudly use the username SCUBAHEAD tipping my hat to two things I have immensely enjoyed over the years. I have even had a logo designed blending their iconic logo with scuba so I can wear it on a t shirt


and even drink from it!


So it's all very simple and straightforard really which is also why I love it.

Well that concludes my Day 1 of the 30 day blogging challenge. I hope you've enjoyed reading my 1st of 30 in this challenge. It will be interesting to see if I can complete it. I am hardheaded though so I shall do my best.


Hope you've enjoyed my lengthy explanation of my very simple user name.

Stay safe out there people wherever you may be on this planet of ours and keep positive as I think that's our best weapon against what is happening in the world right now




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 last year 

Nice! Your username's not really that hard to decipher, but your professional background blows my mind. I have always been a fan of scuba diving, although I haven't tried it yet. I'm afraid of the deep ocean and the unknowns there, but I love corals and marine wildlife. If I didn't end up in Chemical engineering, I would have been a marine biologist.

I think I should visit your dive center in the future and enroll in scuba diving class.

be brilliant if you did. We could write interesting stuff about that. A real #hive story.

Saw laarni's post of this yesterday, may give it a go also.

why not. It's pretty cool as it gives a framework to work within forcing you to write along certain lines. I will probably change some of the options though ;)

I'll take a look at original post in a bit to get a idea of what is wanted.

thats what i did

Like you said I'll probably adjust a couple to suit me better but in general it takes the thinking of what to write about out of my hands and most subjects are easy enough to come up with something.

I am big and my name is Paul. There you go. I've done your first one for you. You're welcome ;)

cool i'll repost that:)

awesome. Best blog ever

Oh I like this challenge - and also a nice way of getting to know people better. For me, knowing you are in PH the WHY of your username was obvious. LOL

Kho Tao is one of the 5 first travel bubble spots in TH - diving is big biz here too. Nice that the reefs and beaches have had so much recovery time - we have green turtles nesting everywhere again! Awesome

the Motorhead part may not have been so obvious but yeah it's pretty straight forward :)

The dive with Paul McCartney is so precious! I still remember when you once mentioned the story how it happened over drinks. It's great to see a photo of this dive and the many places you were in before the Philippines.

I only mentioned it once to you? I must be slipping as I try and tell this story whenever i can haha

Hahaha please re-tell it the next time we meet

I love the born to dive bottle holder, but Paul McCartney is the highlight of this post. Congats. 😁

thanks @juanvegetarian. Was a funpost to do and will be a fun 30 day challenge

I will look up this challenge. Been seeing a lot of related posts so I'm thinking why not give it a shot.

i like the fact that theres a list guiding you for topic but you are allowed to change if its really not a topic for you

Oh, that will work. Thanks man. Keep safe. :)

you too :) hardest part these days is keeping the mind occupied

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more comments more comments :)

We are looking forward to see you around collecting new badges soon! 😉 👍
cheers, liz

I've always wondered what did it take to become a diver. Does one need an excellent swimming skill? I sort of wanted to learn how to dive but uh, I need to overcome my fears of being dragged by something under the water since whenever I am swimming, I get anxious of these things even if it's just in a pool.

diving is about relaxing. If you are healthy and you can swim you can do a diving course. In many ways it will relax you as if your fear is what is under the surface the answer is you and anything you are looking at. Do a try dive first and see how you feel. It's like meditation for me. Weightless, underwater just breathing, the sound of your bubbles only no chitter chatter and just watching the fish

When I was a kid, I entered this swimming competition and I was afraid of ghosts especially water ghost :D silly I know. And I heard many children drown in that particular swimming pool I used to practice. Since then, I became afraid of what's under the water. I tried snorkeling once, it was fun and I wanted to do it all over again. I'll make sure to do a try dive once in my life time, it's definitely something I should never miss. Thank you for the recommendation.

if your fear is what is under the surface the answer is you and anything you are looking at.

you're welcome. If you ever have any questions about diving just message me no problem

Wow...,Thanks for taking up the challenge! The underwater picture is really stunning~! Happy Hiving!!

this challenge is really helpful and a great idea. Lets see what I can rustle up tomorrow

Glad to know that! Of course, feel free to make some changes... ☺ I'm looking forward to reading your posts... 😄

cracks knuckles over keyboard :)

hahaha... Happy Hiving!

nice to have a bit of inspirtion :)

So this is what's about but actually, I'm not confused about it because it's so obvious from your blog. You're a fan in scuba but only the head that intrigues me. Anyway thanks for telling us about it, I live near the sea so I really love diving especially that sanctuary in our town. It has many fishes and pretty corals that became popular in the whole country.

But I haven't been there because there's a payment but not that much.lol

A very interesting story behind the name selection, mine username was a mistake. But a funny one.

missing a P?

Wasn’t the biggest Motörhead fan, but who doesn’t love the “ace of spades”?
Is that really sir Paul? Scuba royalty!

Yes it really is. I did discover scuba for him must be 15 years ago. Well he was 63 then. I was always super pleased about it cos before that the only kind of famous person I'd taken diving was James Dyson the vacuum dude. Beatle is a way better story

Slash and David Hassltehoff, that's about it for me lol.

Met slash before monsters of rock at Donnington. He and Duff came into the nightclub i worked at the night before. Theres a scene in the Paradise city video where he walks into the toilets and 2 of my mates (Liam and mark) are in the video as Liam was having a piss. Would love to meet the Hoff!

I have a Robert Plant story that I’ll share someday.

Lol met him at Birmingham airport. he was off to denmark I was headed to Florida. He signed my old passport. Super nice guy. Would love to hear yours